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Zuluk - East Sikkim

zuluk zig zag road
zuluk zig zag road

Zuluk: The village above the clouds in ancient Silk Route - East Sikkim

Zuluk, a small village in East Sikkim, part of Old Silk Route 10000 ft. above the sea level gaining popularity amongst the tourists because of its natural virginity, unspoiled nature and amazing Himalayan beauty.

Catching a glimpse of the snow-capped mountain ranges or sun rising on the sea from the window of the hotel room is something that you might have experienced a lot of times. But have you ever discovered yourself at a place so serene where even the wind is audible? Have you ever stayed a night at a remote village on the lap of a valley guarded by high mountains covered with lush greeneries? If you are trying to visualize it then stop imagining and pack your bags for a trip to Zuluk, a hamlet at an altitude of over 10,000 feet in the Eastern part of Sikkim. Zuluk is a small village with a limited number of houses on a valley on the way to the Old Silk Route. Once upon a time, Chinese traders used to come to India crossing the border to sell silk products and that’s why the route has been named Silk Route. Though days of silk trading are gone and you can see Army jawans, jeeps and tents here and there on the slopes, the scenic beauty of the hamlet will surely mesmerize you. For its location at a high altitude and extreme climatic conditions, Zuluk has not yet witnessed what you call a crowd. It is still a virgin destination that you can explore on your feet. Though a few hotels have started offering comfortable accommodation, the real charm of Zuluk is a homestay, which is being offered by some local villagers. Certainly, these traditional village houses lag way behind in competition with hotels, in terms of comfort and convenience; you will get a local feel, which will make your relation with the village even more intimate.


Sightseeing around Zuluk

There are lots of places around Zuluk where tourists can go for sightseeing. Thambi viewpoint, Lungthang, Kupup Lake, Memencho Lake, Old Baba Mandir, Nathang valley, Nathula gate are some of the sightseeing spots around Zuluk. Tourists can reach Gangtok from Gnathnag after seeing these spots.

Thambi View Point: Thambi viewpoint is close to Zuluk and it is the best to the viewpoint of 95 turns zigzag road. The 95 turns zigzag road is the only one in its nature in the entire Himalayan range. The Thambi viewpoint at an altitude of 11,200 ft. also provides an excellent view of the sunrise of Mt Kanchenjunga.

Kupup Lake: Kupup lake at an altitude of 14,000ft is another famous tourist place in east Sikkim. It is also called the Elephant lake as its shape is just like an elephant. The Ice hockey ground, the Yak Golf Course, the Elephant lake are the main attraction in Kupup. Yak Golf Course is the highest golf course in the world and Kupup lake hosts the water polo game and it is also the highest water polo lake in the world. From Kupkup tourists can go for Jeep La pass.

Adi Baba Mandir: The shrine of sepahi Baba Harbhajan, who died as he fell from horseback on to a gorge while on duty, is popularly known as Baba Mandir. This mandir, located 60km away from Gangtok, is worshiped by local people as well as army officials. This Mandir hosts all the memories of Baba Harbhajan Singh.

Menmecho Lake: Memencho lake is located in the North East of Sikkim. It can be reached from Zuluk in 1 hrs drive. The lake is cradled between the mountains of Jeep La. It is also the source of the river Rongpo-Chu. This river Rongpo Chi meets Tista as Rongpo. This lake gets its water from the melting snow from the streams just below the jeep-la. This lake is located 60 km away from Gangtok.

Climate: Summer 10 ° C to 20 ° C, Winter- 0 ° C to 7 ° C

Altitude: 10000 ft

Do's and dont's in Zuluk

  • Do not expect modern facilities. Zuluk is a small village with military settlements around due to its remoteness. zuluk doesn't have many hotels but really.
  • Good homestays which give you the feeling of being home.
  • Be careful of trusting locals or unauthorized agents for booking tickets and fares.
  • If you find the Pine forest be sure of leech (joke).Walk carefully.
  • If you have breathing issues avoid staying at Gnathang Vally, stay in Zuluk. On the way to Kupup visit Gnathang.
  • Don't think too much or in a complicated way. Just enjoy the nature.

Homestays In Zuluk

NatureWings manages two deluxe homestays namely Snowlion Nature Stay, Zuluk and Yanchen Nature Stay,Zuluk.

Snowlion Nature Stay, Zuluk -

Snowlion HomeStay, Zuluk

Snowlion NatureStay, Zuluk is a deluxe premium homestay located in Upper Zuluk, close to Thambi View Point. Snowlion Nature Stay, Zuluk provides all premium facilities like Geyser, Room Heater, Satelite TVs along with the toiletries. It is two stories deluxe homestays which offers the spectacular views of Zuluk valley from the properties. The host provides hot meals, hot water and serves the guest in a traditional Sikkimese way. The usual menu includes Chapatis and puri-sabjis in the breakfast, egg meals in the afternoon, snacks in the evening and chicken meals in the night. Momos and traditional Sikkimese dishes are mostly available in the evenings. NatureWings puts all their Guests in Semi-Deluxe and Deluxe Rooms according to the guests choice and Budget...Presently there are 4 deluxe rooms and 4 semi deluxe rooms for the guest in Snowlion Nature Stay, Zuluk.

Yanchen Nature Stay, Zuluk -


Yanchen Nature Stay, Zuluk is a semi-deluxe homestay in the central Zuluk and offers the 5 deluxe category rooms for the guests. It offers hot water, Room heater, Comfortable bed, Western toilets in all the rooms. The hosts prepare authentic Sikkimese foods in a traditional, clean and hygienic manner. It is closely located to all local attractions of Zuluk village.

Restricted Area Permit:

Zuluk, in East Sikkim, is located in the restricted area of Sikkim. A special Inner Line Permit is required to reach Zuluk. All tourists are required to carry-

  • Passport or Voter ID card for Adult
  • Passport or Birth Certificate for Child (Below 18) along with one Photo ID card (School ID / Aadhar etc.)
  • 4 Copies of Passport Size of Photo
  • Photocopies - 4 No. of the above documents

Naturewings arranges the necessary permits for the tourists.

Thing to keep in mind while visiting Zuluk

Clothing & Luggage: Travel as light as possible with least minimum clothes, toiletries and other essential commodities & as these areas is cold throughout the year it is advisable to carry warm woollen clothes, woollen mittens and gloves, cap etc. During the month of Dec to Feb, Zuluk is very cold and often experiences heavy snowfall. Please carry heavy woolen garments during winter.

Food and Drink: Drink only bottled water. Please carry your water from Rongli, Pedong, or Siliguri. Since this area doesn’t have any single shop, it is always advisable to carry dry foods like biscuits, chips, dry fruits, fruits, etc. Foreign Liquors / Alcohols are not also available in Zuluk.

Health Facility & Health Precautions: It is advisable to carry specific medicines as there are no pharmacy shops in Zuluk. Always carry a kit of the basic emergency medicines you might need for diarrhea, fever, etc., also band-aids and an antiseptic ointment. The nearest health facility /medicine shop is available at Rongli.

Card Payment & ATM: Credit/Debit Card is not accepted in Zuluk. In Zuluk there is also no ATM. Please carry cash for all your transactions.

Telephone / Mobile phones: Mobile coverage in Zuluk is very limited and may not be available from all the places in and around Zuluk. Data connectivity is also very poor in Zuluk. It is advisable to carry mobile phones from two different mobile service providers.

Zuluk / Old Silk Route Packages -

Zuluk and its surrounding places are within the restricted area zone and very remote. So it is advisable for the tourists to go for the complete Silk Route Package. NatureWings provides a complete personalized package with various itinerary options with your chosen dates. Our Silk Route Super Specialist team will help you to choose the right package for you.

Please click here for all our Zuluk and Old Silk Route Package

Other Destinations in Zuluk



Gnathang Valley or Nathang Valley is popularly called the "Ladakh of East India". Situated at the height of 13,000 ft. above the sea level, Nathang Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Old-Silk-Route. Surrounded by snow-capped hills and mountain landscape. Chinese Watch Towers on Jelep La are clearly visible from Nathang valley in naked eyes. This area is being developed as a Ski point in Sikkim and now it is the closest ski resort from Calcutta. This is a remote valley with a meandering stream crisscrossing it. Nathang is the highest location to stay in the Indian part of the Old Silk Route. It is one of the remotest Tibetan habitations in the Himalayas. Nathang Valley usually remains covered with thick snow from January to April.



Reshikhola (or Rishi Khola alias Rishikhola) is a small valley situated on the bank of the river Reshi at an altitude of 2,000ft in the Kalimpong subdivision of Darjeeling district. Reshikhola got its name from river Reshi. In the local language, "Khola" means River. This calm and quiet place is an ideal destination to stay away from the city's madding crowd. Tourists can enjoy nature in its purest form here. The resort on the bank of the river gives the sound of the stream with a pure cool breeze that is the right choice for the nature lovers. The place is surrounded by lush green forests and mountains. Tourists can enjoy the luxury of bathing and fishing in the clear Reshi River.



Welcome to cool calm and quite Himalayan mountain village SilleryGaon or Sillari Gaon from today's fast world!! The place is also known New Darjeeling Far away from the din and bustle of the city, Sillery is a place synonymous to peace, calm and serenity we promise you a completely different experience. We promise you a place that is miles away from everything that you would want to leave behind, yet so close to everything that you dream of.



Rongli is a very small village well preserved in the lap of the foothills of the Himalayas. A small town in the eastern part of the country the village is probably one of the most ancient routes towards Kapup & Nathula , if one considers traveling from towards North Sikkim. Rongpo River crosses the heart of Rongli, hence the name.



Aritar, an isolated place in the Rongli subdivision of Sikkim is located on the edge of the Himalayas. Exclusive, remote retreats, with panoramic Himalayan views that will make your soul soar. Aritar is known for its natural beauty and landscape as the place is bounded by the mighty Himalaya Mountains on all sides.



Darjeeling has been synonymous with the snow-covered beauty of Kanchenjunga for ages. Certainly, the charm of this hill station, appropriately nicknamed as the 'Queen of the Hills' is unparalleled, but the availability of information and images on the web has made Darjeeling a very common place to visit. Even if you haven't visited the place for long, you know what is waiting for you there. But the district of Darjeeling, spread over the gigantic mountains of North Bengal is a vast area and is ornamented with plenty of other sites, that very few people knew about even a few years back. Thanks to the endless desire of exploration that some people have, such places are now gaining popularity as tourist spots. One such spot is Ramdhura, a quaint hamlet on the edge of the mountains, near Kalimpong, another big jewel in the dazzling crown of Darjeeling district.



Sikkim, the state of green mountains in the North-Eastern part of the country has become synonymous with names like Tsango Lake, Nathula Pass, Baba Mandir and the capital city of Gangtok. But in reality, Sikkim is a paradise where travelers have lots and lots of other things to witness and places to visit. There are innumerable treasures in the gem box of Sikkim which do not enjoy the attention, which the prime tourist spots do, though many of these are equally charming and breathtakingly beautiful, if not more.