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If you're in search of a tranquil yet thrilling escape from the bustling city life of Kolkata, look no further than the mesmerizing Dooars region. Nestled in the northern part of West Bengal, Dooars is a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike. One of the most exciting experiences you can have here is the Dooars package tour from Kolkata with an unforgettable elephant safari. In this article, we will delve into the charm of Dooars, focusing on Dooars tour package, Dooars package cost, Dooars tour package photos, Dooars tour package reviews, and why you should book Dooars tour package price list from Kolkata.

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Dooars Tour Package Price from NJP Dooars Tour Package from Kolkata Dooars Tour Package Price




Destinations Covered in Dooars Package Tour : Lataguri 2N | Jaldapara 2N | Jayanti 1N

Pickup & Drop for Dooars Package Tour from Kolkata : New Jalpaiguri Station [NJP] | New Mal Junction [NMZ]

Accommodation : Hollong Tourist Lodge [Address: Jaldapara National Park, Uttar Barajhar Forest, West Bengal 735213]

NJP374.02 ft26.4057° N 88.2638° E
Lataguri325 ft26.7148° N, 88.7638° E
Jaldapara61 m26.6905° N, 89.2805° E
Chalsa163 m26.8898° N, 88.7866° E
Mal Bazar151 m26.8649° N, 88.7422° E
Samsing3,000 ft26.9901° N, 88.8117° E
Jhalong3,300 m27.0224° N, 88.5219° E
Bindu2,000 m27.0553° N, 88.5218° E
Buxa Jayanti2,600 m26.4226° N, 89.3641° E



Travel with us and get a confirm booking for Dooars Tour with Hollong Bungalow @ Jaldapara National Park

Dooars Package Tour with Hollong Bungalow or Hollong Tourist Lodge at Jaldapara National Park


Basic Dooars03 Nights 04 DaysRs. 7,600/PEgypt Tour Package Price from Kolkata with NatureWings
Exotic Dooars04 Nights 05 DaysRs. 7,700/PEgypt Tour Package Price from Kolkata with NatureWings
Best of Dooars05 Nights 06 DaysRs. 8,750/P Book Egypt Tour Package from Kolkata with NatureWings
Dooars Safari Package04 Nights 05 DaysRs. 8,750/PEgypt Tour Package Cost from Kolkata with NatureWings
Dooars + Jayanti04 Nights 05 DaysRs. 9,750/PEgypt Tour Package Price from Kolkata with NatureWings
Dooars + Murti05 Nights 06 DaysRs. 12,000/PEgypt Tour Package Price from Kolkata with NatureWings
Dooars + Lava, Lolegaon, Rishop06 Nights 07 DaysRs. 13,900/PEgypt Tour Package Price from Kolkata with NatureWings
Dooars with Kalimpong + Darjeeling07 Nights 08 DaysRs. 16,750/PEgypt Tour Package Price from Kolkata with NatureWings






Dooars, with its dense forests, lush tea gardens, and innumerable meandering rivers and streams, offers an unparalleled escape into nature's lap. Here's why you should consider Dooars Tour Package for your next adventure:


Located just a few hours drive or overnight smooth train journey [574 km / 10 hrs. approx.] away from Sealdah Station, Kolkata, Dooars is easily accessible, making it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway. The well-maintained road network ensures a smooth and comfortable journey from the city of joy.


The crown jewel of Dooars, Gorumara National Park, beckons with its diverse wildlife, including the one-horned rhinoceros, Indian bison mainly known as “GOUR” and various species of deer. The elephant safari in Gorumara offer a close encounter with these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.


Another treasure of Dooars, Jaldapara is renowned for its population of the One Horned Rhinos. Other animals you can spot are elephants, leopards, sambhar, barking deer, spotted deer, hog deer, wild pig, bisons and a multitude of avian species. A jeep safari in Jaldapara here is an exhilarating adventure.


The picturesque Murti River flows gently through Dooars, offering a tranquil setting for nature lovers. Its crystal-clear waters and lush banks are perfect for picnics and relaxation.




NJP Rly StationJaldapara3 hr (132.3 km) via NH 17
JaldaparaJayanti1 hr 15 min (53.1 km) via SH12A/SH16
LataguriNJP1 hr 21 min (53.4 km) via Canal Rd and Gajol Doba Rd
LataguriJhalong Bindu1 hr 45 min (54.6 km) via NH 31/NH 717
LataguriRocky Island, Samsing58 min (38.6 km) via NH 31/NH 717 and Matelli - Samsing Rd
LataguriBuxa3 hr 6 min (132.3 km) via NH 17
LataguriSamsing3 hr (116.3 km) via SH12A
SamsingSunthalekhola3 hr 41 min (146.8 km) via NH 17




Surrounding dooars, there are many beautiful places that can cast a spell on every traveller. Those places are too beautiful to explain. The places are like :

SAMSING - A beautiful place with breathtaking beauty with lots of streams, forest, and tea garden in Malbazaar subdivision under Jalpaiguri district. It is 30km from Lataguri. The journey through the green tea plantations are breathtaking. During drive, you can stop here and behold the mezmerising beauty of greenish, bluish hills playing with clouds all over. It's a best place for bird watchers and photographers.

SUNTALEKHOLA - Just 5 km from Samsing, this place is another beautiful place blessed with pure serene nature. This place is mostly known for a hanging bridge over a small stream with good ambience. Its an awesome place for one day trip from Lataguri or Jaldapara.

JHALONG - Another amazing place rather a small hamlet in Indo-Bhutan border where river Jhalong met with river Jaldhaka. It is a good picnic spot for winter holidays and a must visit place during Dooars Tour.

LATPANCHAR TOUR - Relatively a new destination in lower Himalayan range in Darjeeling district and best known for aesthetic view, greenery and birds. If you are a bird lover, this destination is for you.

PAREN - Paren is another picturesque place with awesome beauty in western part of Dooars mainly between Indo-Bhutan borders. It is one of the best offbeat destinations one can avail with Dooars Package Tour from Kolkata.

Places FromPlaces ToRoad Distance
NJPLatpanchar1 hr 54 min (42.9 km) via NH10
NJPKolakham3 hr 27 min (107.8 km) via NH 717A
NJPLamahatta2 hr 34 min (70.5 km) via NH10
NJPChatakpur2 hr 26 min (63.8 km) via Matigara - Kurseong Rd
NJPSitong1 hr 31 min (31.4 km) via Hill Cart Rd
NJPLepchajagat2 hr 47 min (74.5 km) via NH110 and Rishi Rd
NJPChota Mangwa2 hr 28 min (62.5 km) via NH10
NJPDawaipani2 hr 56 min (77.7 km) via NH10



dooars tour package cost with naturewings dooars elephant safari confirm your booking with natureWings dooars elephant safari jaldapara confirm your booking with natureWings




For travellers from Kolkata, NatureWings offers a range of Dooars Tour Package to suit different preferences and budgets. Here are some details to consider for Dooars tour plan from Kolkata:


If you're arriving at the New Jalpaiguri (NJP) railway station, you can find various Dooars tour packages that cater to your needs. Dooars tour prices vary based on the duration and inclusions of the package.


Dooars tour packages from Kolkata by NatureWings Holidays are designed to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for travellers from the city. The packages usually include accommodation, meals, sightseeing and transportation.


To get a glimpse of the captivating landscapes and the thrill of elephant safaris in Dooars, book your package with NatureWings. Travel Dooars, explore the diversity of flora and fauna, the mesmerising landscapes of Samsing, Suntaleykhola, jhalong, Bindu, Rocky Island and capture the captivating beauty in your lens. Let your mobile phone and memory card of DSLR camera fill with enthralling photos of Dooars. These photos will surely ignite your wanderlust.


The cost of Dooars tour package depends on the duration of your stay, the type of accommodation you prefer, and the specific inclusions. It's advisable to choose a package that aligns with your budget and interests. Contact NatureWings Holidays, discuss with travel consultant and design your Dooars Trip that suit your budget and expectations. You can either book the Dooars Tour Package from Siliguri or we can pick you up from New Mal Junctions [NMZ] also.


Before booking a Dooars package, it's always a good idea to read reviews. Here at NatureWings we have hundreds of Dooars tour package reviews in Google. Go through it and see why NatureWings is best Dooars tour package operator.


Many tour operators offer a detailed price list for their Dooars tour packages from Kolkata. This list typically outlines the costs for different package options, helping you choose the one that suits your requirements. In NatureWings also we follow the same. We provide a detail Dooars tour price list along with itinerates, car, meal plan, sightseeing, activities like elephant safari, jeep safari, bonfire, tribal dance show etc. that help you to choose from different options that NatureWings offer.


If you have a short getaway in mind, you'll find that a Dooars tour package for 3 days can cover the entire scenic spot in Dooars. These packages allow you to experience the beauty of Dooars even with limited time.

In conclusion, Dooars is a haven for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers, and it's conveniently accessible from Kolkata. With its stunning national parks, tranquil rivers, and the thrill of elephant safaris, a Dooars tour promises a memorable experience. So, pack your bags, plan your Dooars adventure, and get ready to explore this enchanting destination.




BY AIR: Bagdogra is the nearest airport to reach Dooars region by flight. After reaching Bagdogra Airport, guest will be picked up by NatureWings Holidays with Car and will be transferred to respective hotels/resort. Here to note, Bagdogra Airport to Lataguri is about 70km by road and it takes almost 2hrs drive depending upon the road condition and traffic.

BY TRAIN: NJP is the most important railway station in the North Bengal. NJP is directly connected with all major cities. Apart from NJP other nearest railway station to Jaldapara is Madarihat and Hasimara Railway Station. All the mail and express trains stop at these railway stations which are well connected to Jaldapara.

BY ROAD: Getting into Dooars by road happens in two way. After reaching NJP / Siliguri / Bagdogra, guest can be transferred either via Gajoldoba or via Sevok road.

If guest is transferred via Gajoldoba [NJP to Lataguri via Gajoldoba is 51 km], the route will be like:
NJP/Siliguri - Fulbari - Binnaguri - Simulguri - Gajoldoba - Dakshin Hanskhali - Dakshin Majhgram - Lataguri

If guest is transferred via Sevoke Road [NJP to Lataguri via Sevoke is 83 km], the route will be like:
NJP/Siliguri - Salugara - Sevoke Forest - Sevoke Coronation Bridge - Mongpong - Oodlabari - Damdim - Malbazar - Chalsa - Batabari - Gorumara National Park - Lataguri


Train NoTrain NameDep. StnDep. TimeArr. StnArr. TimeFrequency
22301Vande Bharat ExpressHowrah (HWH)05:55New Jalpaiguri Jn (NJP)13:25Except Wednesday
22302Vande Bharat ExpressNew Jalpaiguri Jn (NJP)15:05Howrah (HWH)22:35Except Wednesday
12343Darjeeling MailSealdah (SDAH)22:05New Jalpaiguri Jn (NJP)08:15Daily
12343Darjeeling MailSealdah (SDAH)22:05New Jalpaiguri Jn (NJP)08:15Daily
12377Padatik ExpressSealdah (SDAH)23:00New Jalpaiguri Jn (NJP)09:15Daily
13149Kanchan Kanya ExpressSealdah (SDAH)20:30New Mal Jn(NMZ)09:31Daily
13147UttarBanga ExpressSealdah (SDAH)19:35Falakata (FLK)08:38Daily
13141Teesta Torsa ExpressSealdah (SDAH)13:40New Maynaguri (NMX)04:22Daily
12345SaraiGhat ExpressHowrah (HWH)15:50New Jalpaiguri (NJP)01:40Daily
12517Garib RathKolkata (KOOA)21:40New Jalpaiguri (NJP)07:45Sun, Thrus




Howrah Jn [HWH]Starts
Howrah (HWH)0 km
Bolpur Shantiniketan [BHP]07:43
2 min145 km
Malda Town [MLTD]10:32
3 min329.5 km
Barsoi Jn [BOE]11:50
2 min419.7 km
New Jalpaiguri Jn [NJP]13:25




New Jalpaiguri Jn [NJP]Starts
0 km
Barsoi Jn [BOE]16:44
2 min145 km
Malda Town [MLTD]17:50
3 min235 km
Bolpur Shantiniketan [BHP]20:22
2 min420 km
Howrah Jn [HWH]22:35
-565 km



dooars Jaldapara elephant safari package best price from with naturewings dooars jaldapara elephant safari package tour at best price with natureWings dooars package tour with hollong tourist lodge with with natureWings





Meet & greet on arrival at NJP / NMZ Rly Stn and proceeds towards Jaldapara for your amazing Dooars Package Tour. Jaldapara the gateway of Jaldapara National Park situated at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas in Alipurduar District of Northern West Bengal and on the banks of the Torsa River. Jaldapara is spread across 216.51km of vast grassland patches of reverie forests. It was declared a sanctuary in 1941 for protection of its great flora and fauna. Today, it has the largest home of the Indian One Horn Rhinoceros in the state. Enroute cover South Khayerbari Tiger Rescue Centre.

Khayerbari Tiger Rescue Centre is a rescue centre for injured Royal Bengal Tiger and Leopard. Many Leopard and Royal Bengal Tiger can be seen here and viewers also can witness the rescue and treatment procedure of wild animals here. There is a small lake where paddle boating can be enjoyed. Small shops are there from where guests can buy souvenir. Evening is free for enjoying activities like Barbeque, Tribal Dance Show, Bonfire etc. Overnight at Hotel / Resort in Jaldapara.

Dooars Package Tour with jaldapara national park from NJP, siliguri


Early morning experience the much awaited activity for that you came here from - Dooars Package Tour with Elephant Safari that starts from the Hollong Tourist Lodge of WBTDC. Each elephant accommodates four people and takes the tourists through a wide trench and bumpy pathway of the core dense jungle. Crossing picturesque streams along the way, the highlight of the safari is a wet grassy land where if luck permits, one can witness the One Horn Indian Rhino in all its glory. Throughout the Jungle Safari, the Indian Peacock, Deers, Wild Bison and Boars can be seen. After breakfast, proceed towards Phuntsholing, the Indo Bhutan Border or Coach Bihar Rajbari for sightseeing.

Phuntsholing - Phuntsholing is a border town of Bhutan and adjoins the Indian town of Jaigaon. Top places to visit in Phuntsholing are Bhutan Gate, Amu Chu crocodile breeding ground, Karbandi Monastery and Phuntsholing market. If you are interested in Bhutan Tour, you can book a Bhutan Tour Package from Phuentsholing from NatureWings.

Cooch Bihar Rajbari - Coochbihar Rajbari also called the Victor Jubilee Palace is a landmark of Coachbihar Town of Coochbihar District. It is a brick and mortar property which replicates the famous Buckingham Palace. Overnight stay at Jaldapara Hotel / Resort / Hollong Tourist Lodge.

jaldapara elephant safari


After breakfast, proceed towards Jayanti, a river-side forest village in Buxa Tiger Reserve of the Dooars region of West Bengal, India. It is often called the Queen of Dooars with the Jayanti River flowing like a precious necklace. River Jayanti also creates a natural border between Bhutan and West Bengal region. Jayanti is perfect destination for Jungle trail and birds watching. Enroute covering Buxa Tiger reserve Forest, Buxa Fort, Mahakal Cave and Chilapata.

Mahakal Cave - is dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of the must see possession in dense Buxa forest. Beautiful Stalagmite structure throughout the cave is the main attraction of tourist loking for Dooars Tour.

Buxa Fort - Buxa Fort is located at an altitude of 867 metres (2,844 ft) in the Buxa Tiger reserve. It is located 30 kilometres (19 mi) from Alipurduar - the nearest town. Buxa Fort used as a detention camp by the British ruler during the time of Indian freedom movement and it was as infamous as cellular jail located in Andaman. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was imprisoned here for the time being. After independence the Buxa Fort was used as a refugee Camp. One can reach there by trek and it can be one of the most adventurous and memorable part of anyone’s Doars package trip.

Chilapata Jungle - is an another Reserve Forest Near Hasimara Town. Chilapata Jungle consider as an elephant corridor between Buxa Tiger Reserve and Jaldapara Jungle. One can also experience Jeep Safari in Chilapata Jungle to see the one horn Rhino inside Chilapata Forest. Evening is free for Personal enjoyment. Overnight at Jayanti.

Dooars Package Tour with Buxa Jayanti


After Breakfast proceeds towards Lataguri. Lataguri is a small town of Malbazar Subdivision in Jalpaiguri District. Lataguri is the gateway of Gorumara, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary and a popular tourist destination for adventure loving tourist.

Have lunch at Hotel. Visit Gorumara National Park at post lunch session. Gorumara National Park is a mid size national park located in Dooars region with grassland and forest. It has been declared as Wildlife Sanctuary in 1949 on account of its breeding population of Indian One Horn Rhino. Enjoy the Jeep Safari at Gorumara National Park and meet the jungle king of Gorumara - the One Horn Rhino. Evening is free for personal activities. Overnight at Hotel / Resort in Lataguri.


After breakfast start for Lataguri Sightseeing Tour. Visit Murti, Tiyabon, Samsing, Suntalekhola, Rocky Island, Jhalong, Paren and Bindu.

Murti - is a small hamlet got its name from River Murti flowing down from Neora Valley National Park in between Gorumara and Chapramari forest.

Samsing - is famous for its lush green tea garden and beautiful landscape.

Sultanikhola - another tourist spot with abruptly rising hills and small streams.

Jhalong - another tiny hamlet on the bank of river jaldhaka in Indo Bhutan border famous for its cool and calm nature. Overnight at Lataguri.

Dooars Package Tour with Murti, Jhalong, Bindu, Samsing, Suntalekhola


After breakfast start for NJP / Hasimara from Jaldapara with sweet memory of your Dooars Package Tour from NJP


  • All transfers in an exclusive non-ac vehicle (NJP to NJP)
  • Accommodation in best properties in mention places
  • Meal Plan as per customer requirement
  • All permits and applicable taxes




  • All items which are not included in inclusion list
  • Jungle Safari related Expenses
  • Extra Bed
  • Train Fare, Air Fare
  • Laundry, Tips, Phone Call, Porter or any such personal expense




Certainly there is lots of Dooars Package Tour Operator in North Bengal. But there are some reasons why NatureWings is best for Dooars Package Tour Booking like :
Best Property - Company have lots of pre-purchased hotel rooms inventory to accommodate guests in peak season.

Booking of Gov. Resort - Getting booking at any government property in dooars is pretty much tough. But here at NatureWings we assure you to accommodate in the best Gov. Resort on your request.

Best Rate - We provide the most competitive Dooars Tour Package Price List from Kolkata like no others.

24x7 Guests Support - As guests satisfaction is our ultimate motto, from beginning to the end of the Dooars tour we keep in touch of our guests and try our best to provide them the best solution.


Q. How to reach Dooars?

Dooars is the little paradise under the Himalayan foothills. There are regular trains from Howrah / Sealdah Station to New Jalpaiguri or Alipurduar such as Saraighat Express, Howrah Kamrup Express, Sealdah Uttarbanga Express, Darjeeling Mail, Padatik Express, Teesta Torsa Express, Kanchan Kanya Express and so many. New Jalpaiguri is close to almost all favorite places in Dooars like Gorumara Forest, Hasimara, Samsing, Jaldapara. So, it is very easy to reach Dooars.

Q. Is parking available at Hollong Tourist Lodge, Jaldapara?

Yes, you can park your car at Hollong Tourist Lodge. Generally parking is free here.

Q. How to reach dooars from Bagdogra?

Located 16 km from the town of Siliguri, Bagdogra [IXB] is the only commercial airport in entire North Bengal region operating domestic and international flight. In respect of communication and tourism industry, this airport has huge importance. Earlier used by Indian Air Force, now it fully operates flight from all major cities in India and abroad also. The cities that are connected with Bagdogra are – Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Paro of Bhutan.
For Dooars Tour Package, if you are travelling from any of these cities, just get down from your flight and take a private taxi/cab to reach Lataguri – primarily Dooars. From Bagdogra it is 70km and takes around 1.45 minutes. Enjoy the breathtaking view of greenery, forest, tea garden and countless rivers and streams during your journey from Bagdogra Airport. Following some information about distances are given for visitors in dooars :

Places FromPlaces ToRoad Distance
ChalsaGorumara National Park17 min (14.1 km) via NH717
MalbazarGorumara National Park29 min (21.8 km) via NH 17 and NH717
SiliguriGorumara National Park2 hr (76.2 km) via NH10 and NH 17
JalpaiguriGorumara National Park1 hr 10 min (35.2 km) via NH717
BagdograGorumara National Park1 hr 55 min (76.9 km) via Canal Rd
GuwahatiGorumara National Park8 hr 41 min (425.8 km) via NH27
KolkataGorumara National Park15 hr 38 min (612.7 km) via NH12



Q. When dooars forests remain close?

Every year due to rain and breeding season, all Dooars forest [Gorumara, Chilapata, Jaldapara, Buxa] remain close from 15th of June to 15th of September i.e. 4 months. During this time general people or travellers are not allowed to enter forest. Jeep Safari in Gorumara and Elephant Safari in Jaldapara also remain closed. So, if you want to explore the beauty of jungle, book your jungle safari just after opening of forest i.e. from 16th of September.

Q. How to get Jungle Safari/Jeep Safari ticket in Dooars?

In Dooars jungle like Lataguri, Jaldapara or Chilapata, tickets for Jungle Safari or Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari is booked on spot. Distribution of tickets entirely depends on officials of Forest Department of West Bengal Government. Nobody can guarantee it.

Q. In which forest in Gorumara Elephant Safari is organized?

This is very important question as a major portion of tourist doesn't have proper information regarding origination point for Elephant Safari in Gorumara. The fact is that there are some location which offer elephant safari if you stay there. For book that resort or accommodation you have to contact them early as these are forest department property [Jalpaiguri Division - not WBFDC] and most of time it gets reserved. Such places are - Gorumara Eco Village at Kalipur, Gorumara Rhino Camp at Ramsai and Gorumara Elephant Camp at Dhupjora.

Distance for Gorumara Eco Village at Kalipur:
Malbazar Station to Kalipur Eco Village: 45 Minutes
Chalsa to Kalipur Eco Village: 20 Minutes
Bagdogra to Kalipur Eco Village: 1 hrs 30 Minutes
NJP Station to Kalipur Eco Village : 2 Hrs

Q. What is the duration for Elephant Safari in Dooars?

In general time slot for each elephant safari in Dooars consist for 1 hrs duration depending on the elephant condition, health, weather and forest environment.

Q. What is the duration for Jeep Safari in Dooars?

In Dooars Package Tour, an open hood jeep safari is another thrilling experience. Its absolute exciting to ride on an open hood green coloured Maruti Jypsey. The safari consisted with 6 travellers with one guide and a driver. The safari runs for 2 and half hour. Talk to the guide if you want to see some exciting wild creature among the deep forest in your journey.

Q. What are the wild animals I can see in my Dooars Jungle Tour?

Frankly speaking, viewing wild animal in their natural environment need luck. If you have enough of them, you certainly can see a herd of Elephants, wild Indian Bison, Wild Boar, Barking Deer, Rhinoceros, Chital, Peacock, Hornbill etc.

Q. Is Lataguri Jungle Safari happens at night?

No, absolutely not. Any kind of jungle safari in dooars whether it's elephant safari, jeep safari or car safari – not happen at night. It is strictly prohibited by forest department.

Q. When is the best time to visit or book a Dooars Package Tour from Kolkata?

Best Time to visit Lataguri Gorumara National Park and Jaldapara Jungle is between October to March. However any tourists can also visit the Jungle from April to June 14 of every year. Both National Park is closed from 15th June to 14th Sept due to the rainy season and breeding period of wild animals.

Q. What kind of Safaris are available for tourists in Lataguri Gorumara Jungle?

In Lataguri, Gorumara National Park, there are only Jeep Safaris available. There are two types of Safari. One type of Jeep Safaris takes you to the Watch Tower inside the Jungle, and another type of Jeep Safari will drive through different parts of the Jungle. A tourist can also take a Metla Watch Tower visit for which you can take your own vehicle upto Metla Watch Tower Gate and from the gate to Metla Watch Tower, you need to take the Bullock cart arranged by the forest department. Generally in Gorumara Jungle Safari, one open hood Jeep can take maximum 6 Persons and costs varies in between Rs 1800/- to Rs 2400/- Per Jeep.

Q. What are the activities that guests can indulge in during Dooars Package Tour?

Guest can indulge them during Doors Tour with following activities like :
Jungle Safari in Gorumara [Lataguri] Forest
Medhla Watchtower visit in Gorumara Forest to get a glance of wild animals
Explore tea garden in Samsing and experience the tea making procedure
Indulge in Rocky Island Camping
Experience the Tribal Dance from local people
Enjoy Camp Fire / Bonfire arrangement in resort
Bird watching in Gorumara and Chilapata forest
Enjoy a moderate trek in rivers and streams of Jhalong & Bindu
Elephant Safari in Jaldapara forest
Jeep Safari in Jaldapara forest
Jeep Safari in Chilapata forest
Trek to Mahakal Temple and Mahakal Cave

Q. When the Jungle will open after Covid-19 situation? Will there be any restriction in the Jungle Safari post Covid-19?

There will be no restriction in the Jungle Safari. The discussions are going on that Jeep and Elephant Safari will operate with 50% passengers, but not yet finalized.

Q. Can I Book Elephant Safari in Gorumara or Jaldapara and what is the timing and cost for the Elephant Safari?

In Lataguri forest, there is no provision for Elephant Safari. In Jaladapara, you can avail the Elephant Safari but to avail it you need a confirm Hollong Tourist Lodge Booking. If you own the booking, you will get the 100% opportunity for elephant safari in deep inside jungle. Else you have to wait for your slots to come. The approximate Elephant Safari Cost in Jaldapara is around Rs 1000/- Per Head.

Q. In Lataguri, what kind of vehicle is used for Jeep Safari? Is Guide mandatory for Jungle Safari?

In Lataguri Jungle, Maruti Gypsey is used for Jungle Safari. Licensed guide is mandatory for your better experience and safety.

Q. Can Corona Virus be transmitted from Human - Animal - Human? Is there any risk in Elephant Safari in Post Cov-19 situation?

As of now there is no scientific evidence that Corona Virus can affect the common animals of Lataguri and Jaldapara Forest like Elephant, Bison, Rhino, Peacock etc, so there is no risk associated that Corona Virus can be transmitted from these animals to human being.

Q. What are the options for a medical emergency while in Dooars Trip?

In case of medical emergency Mal Sub Division Hospital, Mainyaguri Hospital, Chalsa Hospital near Lataguri and Madarihat Rural Hospital near Jaldapara is the best option. Few pvt nursing homes are also available in both sectors. Otherwise one can reach North Bengal Medical College Hospital, Siliguri in case of serious health issue.

Q. What is the procedure to book Elephant Safari in Jaldapara?

Jaldapara Elephant Safari is operated by WBFDC. They provide trained elephant and expert keeper as well as guide. Ticket must be booked one day prior to the elephant safari.

Ticket will be available from ticket counter in front of Jungle main gate beside Jaldapara Tourist Lodge. One needs to stand in queue 2 hrs prior to the opening of ticket counter due to rush during season. Document needed while booking is Voter Card, Passport Copy or Photocopy of Driving License.

Note: The resident guests in Hollong Tourist Lodge and Jaldapara Tourists Lodge get the preferential treatment to obtain Jaldapara Elephant Safari Ticket. If you Book Dooars Package from NatureWings, there chance for Confirmed Booking of Hollong Tourist Lodge along with a confirmed Elephant Safari Ticket.

Q. Is Elephant Safari / Jeep Safari in Dooars is allowed with 3 years old Child?

NatureWings suggest at least 5 yrs old healthy child to avail Elephant Safari. Jeep Safari is safe for all ages.

Dooars Package Tour Reviews - with Jaldapara Elephant Safari & Jeep Safari

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Arun Ghurai


We booked our Dooars Tour Package in December, 2019 with NatureWings and it was a fascinating experience. It was the first time that we travelled for Dooars after much postponement. The best time for Dooars Tour Plan is from October to March as the weather remains very pleasant during that time. Our Dooars Tour started after reaching Bagdogra. The first place that we went in our Dooars Trip was Lataguri. We did Jeep Safari in Gorumara National Park on the next day. We stayed there for 2 nights. Our next stop during the trip was at Jaldapara. We did the amazing Elephant Safari in Jaldapara. This was the first time we travelled Dooars so we were very excited and Naturewings also made very good arrangements throughout our entire trip. We shall recommend everyone to travel Dooars with NatureWings for the best experience.

Dooars Tour Booking From Google

Subhojit Nath


Me and my wife went to Dooars in the 2nd week of February 2020 and this our first experience of a jungle safari. We were confused about the Dooars Tour Plan. We decided to go on package within a very short notice. So I contacted NatureWings. They planned the entire Dooars Trip for me in couple of days, confirmed my hotels, and confirmed a car for us for the entire Dooars Tour and plan out a detail trip for me for 6 days.
On the first day of our Dooars Tour, we went to Jaldapara. We did Elephant & Jeep Safari during the tour. We visited Buxa-jayanti, Gorumara and in between visited some interesting places like Coochbihar Rajbari, Buxa Fort, Rajabhatkhawa. Our entire tour was well planned by NatureWings for every location. I will surely recommend NatureWings for their excellent service.

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We, a group of 6 people from 3 families went for a Dooars Tour. We booked our Dooars Package Tour through a Kolkata based Dooars Tour Operator - NatureWings. They provide us a good stay, good food throughout the tour. We visited Jaldapara and Lataguri. Jaldapara tourist lodge we booked by our own and Lataguri hotel and entire transportation we booked from NatureWings. In our Dooars tour we did Elephant Safari at Jaldapara and it was arranged by the NatureWings Tour Coordinator at lataguri Mrs. Mousumi Raha, She helped us to book the Jeep Safari. She and her team was continuously in touch with us throughout our dooars tour. Overall our experience was nice and memorable. We are eagerly looking forward to do Bhutan Tour with NatureWings. Best wishes to NatureWings from our group.

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Dipanjan Bagchi


Me, my wife and my parents had dooars tour with NatureWings. Our Dooars Package Tour was for 3 Nights and 4 Days. We stayed at Hallong Eco Resort (Private) and The Reserve Gorumara at Lataguri. Me and my wife enjoyed the Elephant Safari at Jaldapara as we spotted lots of famous one horn Rhino, Wild Elephant, Barking Deers and lots of peacock. We also visited Samsung, Jhalong, Bindu, Suntalekhola in the lap of Himalaya. The fresh air of hills and jungle mesmerize our heart. Evening time we enjoyed local tribal dance organize by our resort. We also enjoyed Jeep Safari in our dooars tour planed by our tour operator. Thank you team NatureWings and Mousumi Madam for a wonderful hassle free Dooars tour package.

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Sailendra Kumar


My family and I visited Jaldapara during winter last year with Naturewings. We stayed at the Hollong Eco village resort. It was a beautiful resort very close to the forest. Naturewings arranged for all the accommodation and traveling and paid attention to every detail of our trip. The highlight of our trip was the Elephant Safari in Jaldapara National Park, where we were right in the vicinity of a one-horned rhino. From Jaldapara, Naturwings also arranged a day sightseeing trip to (insert places). It was a very smooth trip and we are grateful to nature wings for it. We highly recommend it.

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Soumen Maity


I recently went to Dooars Trip, right before the lockdown. Our entire trip was planned and organized by Naturewings. From car pickups to hotels, to sightseeing, Naturewings looked after our every need. Jaldapara in February is very beautiful. It has comfortable weather, and the forest looks magnificent. We stayed at the (hotel name) which was very comfortable. The Jeep safari and elephant safari have to be booked by customers, themselves. However, nature wings provided us with all directions on how to go about it, which made our trip a lot easier. From Jaldapara, we went for sightseeing to (insert place) arranged by Naturewings.
It was a great trip and we will go with Naturewings again for our next Sikkim or North Bengal Tour.

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Rahul Mukherjee


Kolkata, India

Finally three friends family decided to explore forest in last winter and close to Kolkata, Dooars was the best forest destination. Based on inputs from one of our friend, who already visited Dooars suggested NatureWings as they are the best for the Dooars Tour Package. So we called NatureWings and they guided us with a very well planned 5 nights 6 Days program. Our Dooars Tour started from New Mal Jn (NMZ) Railway Station and as per the plan, our car was waiting just outside the station. We then proceed to Lataguri and in the afternoon we took the Lataguri Jungle Safari by Jeep, where we spotted Wild Bison, Wild Elephants and few peacocks. Next day, we took the whole day excursion to Jhalong, Bindu, Paren, Rocky Isalnd, Samsing and SultaniKhola. Next Day we went to Jayanti forest inside Buxa Tiger Reserve. Jayanti homestays are very nice just in front of Jayanti River. Next day morning we took the Chilapata Jeep Safari, the jeep entered into very deep jungle, where no sun light reaches and after completing Jeep Safari Completes, we proceed to the Jaladapara Forest, where NatureWings arranged a nice resort, Hallong Eco Resort. From the resort back gate, we entered into the forest for an afternoon walk. The best part of Dooars Tour was the Elephant Safari in Jaldapara and we took at 5 am slot. It was an amazing experience as Elephant entered into the Jeep jungle and we could see a most coveted Indian One Horn Rhino from stone throwing distance. A great thank you to NatureWIngs for arranging such our wonderful Dooars Trip and will certainly recommend my friends and families to NatureWings.