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Destination Cherrapunjee


Cherrapunjee: Escape to the green world of North East

When you are tired of the daily life where dust and smoke containing every kind of ingredient to damage your health and skin force you to go out and earn your bread and butter, what can soothe your eyes and soul for some time is green Nature with our North East Package Tour. A lush green landscape rich in vegetation, a plateau, a hamlet with a soothing climatic condition and endless fresh air is the medicine you need. The North-Eastern part of India awaits people like you. To stay away from the pollution that you fight every day, make sure your itinerary includes Cherrapunji Package Tour.

Situated at an elevation of 4870 feet, Cherrapunjee or Sohra (original name) is a part of a plateau in the Southern side of the Khasi Hills in the North-Eastern state of Meghalaya. Cherrapunjee is recognized as the wettest places on Earth for the huge volume of rainfall it receives. However, at present, Maysinram located close to Cherrapunjee holds that record.

But the reason why you should be at Cherrapunjee is the beauty of green Nature. Blessed by Mother Nature in the forms of rain and natural vegetation, Cherrapunjee green world will mesmerize you. You will feel like looking at a huge canvas that was on a crazy painter has played with shades of green. The plateau of Cherrapunjee faces the plains of the neighboring country Bangladesh and you can get a glimpse of that atop the plateau.

However, green is not the only reason why Cherrapunjee is a must visit tourist destination in the North East. One of the star attractions in Cherrapunjee is the Nohkalikai Falls, the fifth highest in the country. Plunging of water from a height of 1,100 feet makes a breathtaking visual treat. Mawsmai or the Seven Sisters Falls where cascading water runs down from a height of 1,035 feet is another prime point. Bridges made of iron and concrete seldom attract eyes in the city but how about a bridge made of roots. Near Cherrapunjee you will get to see Meghalaya’s famous single-decker and double-decker root bridges which are tangles of age-old plant roots. Known as living bridges, these unique natural structures are a special signature of Cherrapunjee.