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sundarban houseboat package tour

Sundarban Houseboat Package Tour from Kolkata
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Destination Covered in Sundarban Houseboat Package Tour from Kolkata : Gadkhali, Gosaba Island, Dayapur Island, Dobanki, Gosaba Island-Hamilton Bungalow, Bacon Bungalow, Pakhiralaya, Pirkhali, Banbibi Varani, Sundarkhali, Khonakhali, Choragaji, Deualvarani, SarakKhali, Gazikhali, Nobanki, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

Pickup & Drop : Science City / Sonarpur Station [for Customized Sundarban Tour in AC Houseboat]

Tour Duration : 2 Nights / 3 Days

Accommodation : Luxury Ac Houseboat [Anchored in the middle of the river] / Luxury Resort or Hotel (on request)



Our Sundarban AC Houseboat Package Tour Can be personalized with Home or Hotel Pickup & Drop / Private Vehicle / Luxury Resort stay as per your chosen date. Hence your Luxury Sundarban Houseboat Tour Booking Cost depends on :

  → Choice of Itinerary / Tour Duration

  → Choice of Nightstay - Houseboat / Luxury Resort

  → No of Guests Travelling [Max 30pax]

  → Choice of Hotel / Resort Category

  → Choice of Transport facilities

  → Activity You Choose [Folk Dance / DJ Party / Tandoor / Baul Song / Bonfire etc]

We, the NatureWings are the best Sundarban Package Tour Operator from Kolkata with AC Houseboat since last 11+ years. We have successfully conducted innumerable Sundarban Houseboat Tour for 2 Nights/3 Days and more.

We are specialized in cost friendly Sundarban Houseboat Tour Package with best Luxury AC Houseboat with all modern facilities, Luxury Resort / Hotel stay (on request), and lip smacking food. For Customized Sundarban Trip, we have Home / Hotel pickup & drop facility also. Even we are expert in arranging Sundarban Trip at very short notice. Guests can board and start for Sundarban Tour from Kolkata Airport, Sealdah Station and Howrah Station also.

Sundarban is a UNESCO declared World Heritage Site and rich with a large no and varieties of flora and fauna, specially the Royal Bengal Tiger. In our many Sundarban Houseboat Package Tour Booking, we were lucky to show our guests the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Travel this beautiful land endowed with immense natural beauty and bio-diversity, taste the great food in your journey. We bet it will be one of your memorable journeys with us to this beautiful destination.

Apart from this Sundarban Hollywood Packages NatureWings is specialised in Hotel Sonar Bangla Sundarban Package Tour where luxury meets adventure in the heart of the wild. Our exclusive Hotel Sonar Bangla Sundarban Package Tour offers a perfect weekend getaway with spacious rooms, modern amenities, and recreational facilities including swimming pools, fitness centers, gim, spa, bar, library, play room, kids room etc. Indulge in a gastronomic journey with our diverse selection of local and international cuisines prepared by skilled chefs. Surrounded by lush greenery and stunning vistas, our hotel provides the perfect ambience for relaxation and rejuvenation. Our dedicated staff ensures unparalleled hospitality, making us one of the best properties in the Sundarbans for weekend holidays. Book your stay with us today and discover the magic of the Sundarbans like never before.

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Reviews for Sunderban Houseboat Package Tour

See what our esteemed guests are speaking about their Kolkata to Sundarban AC Houseboat Tour




  • 100% Sanitized Houseboat with all Covid-19 precautions to make your journey safe and to give the best Sundarban Tour experience.

  • Explore the world's largest mangrove forest while cruising through the endless rivers, channels and creeks of Sundarban.

  • A great hospitality from deep of the heart of every crew member of the houseboat.

  • Experience a complete diverse biosphere in just 3 hrs drives from the crowded city life – The Sundarban Mangrove Forest, a really wonderful creation by Mother Nature.

  • Explore the unique world heritage site adorned with exquisite flora and fauna in combination with innumerable species of birds, land animals and reptile staying in the Houseboat in the middle of the river.

  • Behold the magnificent Sun rise and Sun sets in a different way – staying between the deep jungles in the middle of the river.

  • We value your hard earned money and hence are liable to provide you the best service with a smile in our face forever.

  • Safety First is our prime motto – our luxury Houseboat is equipped with all modern amenities that you can expect from our side including all time running water, 24×7 electricity, sanitized boat, clean washroom, Led TV, a huge collection of books, fishing line, binocular, well furnished AC room with star hotel quality white bed with runner, modern cookery, and above all – freshly cooked food by our master chef.

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Distances and Travel Duration in Sundarban Houseboat Tour Package

Places FromPlaces ToRoad DistanceTravel Duration
Science CitySundarban104 km3 hrs
Deshapriya ParkSundarban106 km3 hrs
Kolkata AirportSundarban120 km3.30 hrs
Sealdah StationSundarban108 km3.10 hrs
Howrah StationSundarban111 km3.20 hrs
DurgapurSundarban605 km6.11 hrs
AsansoleSundarban209 km4.11 hrs



What is the Best Time to Book Sundarban Houseboat Package Tour?

Sundarban is best travelled between end of October to early March especially when the weather is cold and pleasant. The mystic and foggy Sundarban sometime appears to traveller as more adventurers as it is the only largest mangrove forest in the world with a world famous predator – The Royal Bengal Tiger.

During morning, the temperature can drop as low as freezing 4 degrees due to the vast open land and reverie ambience. With the sun shine, the temperature rises and travelling become easy and comfortable for the guests. With the sun set, the temperarature again fall rapidly and a proper shelter is necessary to comfort yourself. Some travellers prefer to stay at boat in night, but according to our experience, we don’t advice this as this is not permissible and hazardous too.

It should be kept in mind that during December to February, Sundarbnan is thronged with travellers. So it is advisable to get your booking done well in advance for hassle free Sundarban package tour from Kolkata.

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How you can Travel Sundarban from Kolkata?

If you are arriving by Flight for your trip, then we will pick you up from Netaji Subhas Bose International Airport (CCU) – which is the nearest airport from Sundarban (110 km). From there we will travel by road with your pre booked car and reach Godkhali, the hub to start your Sundarban Package Tour.

If you want to book Sundarban Tour from Sealdah Station then you have to reach Canning Station which is in the South Division of the Sealdah Train Service. On every hour interval, the Canning Local departs from Sealdah Station and takes almost 1 hour and 15 minutes to cover 45 km journey. In between this train journey you will cover 18 stations. The journey is very scenic and comfortable if you catch early morning train and get a window seat. From Canning, your Sundarban Tour will start. The stations you will cover during Sundarban Tour Package are as following :


By road also, you can reach Sundarban. This is the most convenient way to travel Sundarban from Kolkata. There are two different road ways that you choose for your tour. They are:
Option 1 : Baruipur – Canning Road [2 hr 59 min / 82.9 km]
Option 2 : via Basanti Highway [3 hr 13 min / 86 km]

What are the animals we can see in Sundarban Houseboat Tour Package?

Sundarban is a Tiger Reserve and lots of creatures are in this Biosphere. Almost 52 species of mamals and around 54 species of reptiles are here. Among them the most important are - Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera Tigris Tigris), Fishing Cat (Prionailuru Viverrinus), Jungle Cat (Felis Chaus), Estuarine Crocodiles, Spotted Deer, Chital Deer, The Brahminy Kite, Brown Winged Kingfisher, Leopard cat, Water Monitor lizards (Varanus Salvator), Rhesus Macaque, Wild Boar, Indian Grey Mongoose, Fox, Common Otter (Lutra lutra), Flying Fox, Irrawaddy Dolphins, Gangetic Dolphins (Platinista gangetica), King Cobra, The Common Cobra, Banded Krait, Russells Viper, Python, Chequered Kil-Back, Green Whip Snake etc.

What are the facilities in Sundarban Houseboat?

  • All safety equipments including Covid-19 precautions
  • Full sanitized boat and all staff with face masked and gloves
  • Well furnished AC Room (9.30 pm to 5.30 am) with attached washroom and western toilet facility
  • All foods (Breakfast, Lunch, evening snacks and Dinner)
  • Large LED TV in every room
  • A bookshelf for all ages
  • Upper deck living cum dining area with Sofas, Computer, Games / Music System.
  • Top quality bone china crockery
  • Complementary use of telescope, binoculars, fishing rods


sundarban tour from kolkata, sealdah, howrah

Day 1 : Pickup from Godkhali and full day cruise

Welcome to the most amazing tour to the proximity of nature you have ever taken. Let's get "Far from the Madding Crowd". You are about to enter a different world — full of serenity, freshness, nature and obviously to get the glimpse of the Royal of Jungle — The Royal Bengal Tiger

In the very morning around 8am your journey to Sundarban will start rather your Sundarban Houseboat Package Tour will start. You will travel through many unknown lanes, alleys, and roads of the city and finally get on the highway. Within 30 minutes you will be in a different world entirely out from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Greenery is everywhere with the rural village, mud house, rice paddy store house passing by the window of the speedy moving bus.

Within 3 hrs and about 11.30am you will reach Godkhali where the magnificent anchored AC houseboat will be waiting for you. Board your Houseboat following a refreshing welcome drinks. You can enjoy the heavenly view of the water land from your well furnished Luxurious AC Houseboat

The Houseboat will leave the jetty at around 12.00 am for Sajnekhali. You will reach Sanjekhali at around 1.30 pm. En route you will be served Lunch. On the way you may visit Mangrove Interpretation Centre. From there we will cruise through beautiful creeks to Sudanyakhali Watch Tower where you may spend some time. From there we will visit to some village / Pakhirala or Vidya forest where you may get down for some time (En route you will be served evening snacks, and tea etc).

Enjoy the night cruise and experience for the first time the night of Sundarban. It’s peach black during night. Pin drop silence everywhere and if you are lucky enough, you can hear the roar of Royal Bengal Tiger in a distant forest. I bet being in the middle of the river and staying in the anchored boat hearing the roar will definitely get you a chill eerie feeling throughout your vein.

Enjoy your mouth watering dinner between 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM. Post dinner is the time to relax, either stare at the strange beauty of the night jungle, or play some music in headphones, listen the songs of running water, or play with the fireflies. It’s an amazing experience, which will be deep in your heart and mind for ever. With the falling night, get to the bed and have a sweet dream in the jungle of Sundarbans.

sundarban package tour booking in luxury houseboat with NatureWings

Meals for Day 1 Sundarban Trip :

Welcome Drinks and Tea/Snacks in the boat
Lunch - Rice/Roti, Dal, Potato Fry, Mix Veg Curry, Doi Katla Fish, Prawn Curry, Chatni, Papad, Salad, Sweet
Evening Snacks - Chicken Pakora, Salad, / Singara, Tea/Coffee
Dinner - Roti/Rice, Chilly Chicken, Fried Rice, Salad and Sweet

sundarban houseboat tour food menu - Hing Kachuri sundarban houseboat tour food menu - Channa Masala sundarban houseboat tour food menu - Paratha



Day 2 : Full Day Sundarban Sightseeing

Wake up early in the morning with the chirping of birds and first light of the Sun. It's a great time to immerse yourself with Meditation, Yoga, or Surya Namaskar. Get some deep breath, inhale pure oxygen as much as you can. It's a great opportunity to get rejuvenate.

With the sun kissed pure fresh morning and a hot tea or coffee, suddenly you will notice the movement of your Houseboat. Yes, now we will cruise you to the Dobanki Watch Tower. On the way we will visit Sajnekhali Watch Tower (if open) to get a glimpse of the exotic wildlife of Sundarban and obviously for the forest entry permission which is to be collected from Sajnekhali. En-route breakfast will be served.

Next 2 hrs cruise is the most fascinating part of your day 2 Sundarban Houseboat Tour It's nothing but endless mangrove forest and water everywhere. The natural beauty of this Sundarban Mangrove Forest is exceptionally awesome. It is very much difference from the forest of Gorumara or Jaldapara of Dooars.

Slowly we will be cruising inside the mysterious mangrove forest sometimes through wide and sometimes through very narrow channels. As the channels get narrow, you will about to feel some eerie feeling that something is about to happen for sure. When you are in the core area and cruising through the narrow channels, you will never know what will happen next. Anything can happen with the twinkling of an eye. You never know what sundarban has kept for you. If you are lucky enough, you may encounter with him/her for what you are here – The Royal Bengal Tiger. Anytime it can come out penetrating the deep forest and you may see them crossing any channel from your Houseboat anytime. So be alert. Enjoy your lip smacking lunch on the way.

After reaching Dobanki (2 hrs cruise), get down from the Houseboat and experience the view of the forest from Dobanki Watch Tower and Canopy Walk which is almost 400 to 500 Meters long.

After Dobanki, we will cruise through numerous islands, like, Panchmukhani, Pirkhali, Gazikhali, the ChoraGazikhali and scenic the Panchmukhi, a junction point of 5 rivers. If time and tide permits we will visit Jharkhali Watchtower.

After visiting all these places our Houseboat will be cruising towards Pakhiralaya to anchor for the night. In the evening a Tribal Dance show and Folk Songs will be performed by the local habitats or villagers in the Houseboat. The program may continue 2 to 3 hrs depending on the no. of performers. Enjoy your evening snacks while watching the Baul Song or Folk Song along with Tusu Dance Show.

You can shake your legs with the Tusu dancers too or can indulge in a Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa Antakshari Songs. There are lots of onboard activities in the Houseboat. You can play carom, or can watch a movie on the big LED TV or can read a book or can pass time with your family or friends with a hot topic or debate.

Dinner will be served within 9 - 9.30am. Enjoy it and after that, either you can relax on the deck of your houseboat or can do anything as your choice. It’s a leisure time after all. Let's go down deep in the tight sleep among the mild sounds of the water and serenity of Sundarban.

sundarban package tour cost from Kolkata

Lip Smacking Meals for 2nd Day Sundarban Tour

Breakfast - Hing Kachuri/Puri, Chana Masala, Banana, Sweet, Tea/Coffee
Lunch - Rice/Roti, Dal, Begun Bhaja, Mix Veg Curry, Bhetki Fish Curry, Crab Curry, Chutney, Papad, Salad, Sweet
Evening Snacks - Veg Pakora / Chowmin, Tea/Coffee
Dinner - Mutton Biryani / Veg Biryani, Chicken Kasa, Salad, Sweets

sundarban AC Houseboat tour food menu - Pabda Fish Curry sundarban AC Houseboat tour food menu - Katla Fish Curry sundarban AC Houseboat tour food menu - Chingi Malai Curry
sundarban AC Houseboat tour food menu - Crab Curry sundarban AC Houseboat tour food menu - Galda Chingri Curry sundarban AC Houseboat tour food menu - Chingri Curry



Day 3 : Explore Village life and return back to Kolkata

Again a blissful morning in the middle of the river. Exciting Ha! Say loud Good Moooooooooorning Sundarban.

Come to upper deck. Take a sun bath of the first ray and breathe. Breath as much as possible and intake the purest air you can. Try out some Yoga and Surya Namaskara.

Have your tea and post breakfast the Houseboat will be anchored in a Jetty to make you a village walks. You will come down to Dayapur Village, explore the village life, talk to the villegers, and see the local kitchen garden and their products. You may visit to nearby paddy field and experience the grown and harvesting process. Talk to the villagers, listen the story of Dakshin Rai. In many parts of the village you will find tiger attack survivors. Talk to them, listen the shivering story as to how they got survived or fought against the Royal Bengal Tiger. You may even hear the story of how the tigers silently taken away their cattle at night.

Later you can also talk to the Honey Collectors (locally known as Moulay / Mawali). Listen to their hard effort to collect the world-famous Sundarban Honey You must not miss the opportunity to buy the purest honey from them.

Get back to the Houseboat. Freshen up and lunch Break. Post lunch start cruising again through the deep water rivers, and mangrove forest. On the way tea will be served. Enjoy your journey. The Houseboat will reach Godkhai around 4-4.30pm.

On reaching Godkhali, boarding the AC Vehicles between 4.45 PM – 5.00 PM for your journey back to Kolkata. After 3 hrs of journey you will be dropped at your desired location within the travel route to Kolkata.

Meals for 3rd Day Sundarban Tour

Breakfast - Luchi, Aloo Dum, Sweet, Tea
Lunch - Rice, Dal, Aloo Fry, Veg Curry, Fish Curry, Chatni, Papad, and sweet

Inclusions :Sundarban Houseboat Package Tour

  • Pick up & drop from Kolkata / Howrah (Home / Station / Airport / Hotels / Office)
  • Pickup & Drop vehicle - AC Volvo Bus / AC Tempo Traveller / AC Tata Winger
  • Welcome Drinks on Arrival on Houseboat
  • Houseboat with AC Rooms, attached washroom with western toilets
  • Air Conditioning in the rooms (from 9.30 pm to 5.30 am)
  • All Foods during the tour (Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks and Dinner)
  • Big LED TV in every room
  • Upper deck living cum dining area with Sofas, Large LED TV, Computer with games and Music system
  • Complementary use of Sun Deck with Easy Chairs
  • Complementary use of Books Library, Movies Library, Carrom
  • Exclusive Master Chef on board, top quality Bone China Crockery
  • Complementary use of Telescope, Binoculars and Fishing Rods
  • On board Safety Equipments (Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) / Fire Extinguisher / Tubes / Visual Distress Signal / Vessel Lighting)
  • In-Boat cooking system to serve fresh food
  • All Entry Fees, Camera Fees for all guests

Exclusions : Sundarban Houseboat Tour

  • Air Conditioned during day
  • Items not mentioned in the inclusion section
  • Personal Expenses
  • Coolie Charge
  • Meals other than mentioned in the tour itinerary

Important Info to note for Sundarban Houseboat Package Booking

  • At night the Houseboat will be anchored in the middle of the river
  • Free AC is available only from 9.30 pm to 5.30 am
  • During day time AC on demand is Chargeable
  • You need to be deboard the houseboat many times (Sightseeing Tour / Village Tour / Cultural Programme)
  • Kolkata Local sightseeing may be arranged on request (Extra Charge and on the day of return)
  • During village tour, a moderate amount of walking is required
  • Please advise any specific requirements at the time of booking
  • Passport name, number, expiry and country is required at the time of booking for international guests
  • Carry all your documents and money (Cash only - No cards)

Things to Carry for Sundarban Tour in Luxury Houseboat

  • Travelers must carry Mask, Hand Sanitizer and maintain Social Distance
  • Carry proper woolen clothes to avoid biting cold in Sundarban during winter
  • While sightseeing tour, dress in light colour so that it blends with the natural environment
  • Indian's need to carry photo ID proof with two photo copy (Voter Card / Aadhar Card)
  • Foreign travelers must carry passport with valid Indian Visa
  • Drink packaged / bottled drinking water only
  • Carry snacks / dry fruits / busicuits on your journey to Sundarban
  • Always bring sunglasses, hats, sun tan lotions and moisturizer
  • Carry torch, candle, matches/lighter, mobile charger, power bank, extra battery
  • Carry adequate amount cash in small denomination (Rs.10 / 20 / 50 / 100 / 500)
  • Do not expect any ATM in Sundarban. The only ATM you can access is in Canning Town
  • Carry some common medicines for fever, cough, cold, stomach upset etc
  • Bring gum boots if you have a plan for mud walk

What Should Avoid During Sundarban Trip in Luxury AC Houseboat?

  • Sundarban is a Plastic free zone, so don't carry plastics during Sundarban Trip
  • Don't pollute the locality by throwing trash from the Houseboat
  • Don't play any sound system or loud speakers
  • Don't shout as it disturbs wild life and co-visitors
  • Don't plan your Sundarban Tour with Pets
  • Don't provoke any wild animal. Teasing or chasing of animals in Sundarban is strictly prohibited
  • Feeding wild animals is Sundarban is strictly prohibited
  • Don't videography with a drone in Sundarban
  • Do not enter Sunderban National Park / Tiger Reserve without valid permit
  • Staying within the Sunderban / Tiger Reserve Area is permitted only from Sunrise to Sunset
  • Hunting, fishing, damage to flora & fauna is viewed as serious offence
  • Don't carry guns, fire arms, weapons, bows, arrows, and crackers in Sundarban Core Area
  • Don't bath in the river water. Predators is everywhere
  • You are not allowed to move around outside of tourist zone like Core area or Protected Area
  • Consumption of liquor or Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Sundarban Reserve area

Why You Should Book Sundarban Package Tour in Houseboat from NatureWings?

We are operating Sundarban Trip for the last 7 years with overwhelming guest’s satisfaction. We have 5000+ satisfied guests for Sundarban Tour because of our seamless service and guest’s commitment. There are many operator for Sundarban Package Tour from Kolkata and South 24pgs. In spite of that, why guests prefer to travel with us must have some good cause. Please let's know why:

We have a long list of Satisfied Customer across Kolkata and India
We have a long database for satisfied guests who travelled with us. Our only rewards are their sheer satisfaction and happiness that is our ultimate goal. With a simple phone call, you can book your Sundarban Package Tour with us at any time you wish. We are 24x7 active to serve you the BEST.

sundarban tour package booking sundarban tour package cost sundarban tour package itinerary

Accommodation with Customer's Choice
According to your choice and preferences, we will accommodate you to the best hotels and resort in Sundarban. You can stay at Hotels or Resort or if you wish, we can arrange it on a boat also. We have both AC and Non-AC room facilities with Hot water service. Our experienced and cordial tour manager always will accompany you for your best service and amenities.

sundarban tour sundarban package sundarban trip

Lip Smacking Meals as per your Preference
This is our main USP. Every guest who has travelled with us on Sundarban Tour, have praised for their meals. We cook food with utmost hygiene and ingredients. From the water, spices to fish, chickens, everything we buy fresh and cook with love to serve our guests the BEST FOOD during their Sundarban Tour. Cleanliness and hygiene is our topmost priority. Moreover, we cook according to your request and preferences also. You can taste some freshly bought local delicacy. We will be happy to serve you. Elder people, children, diabetic patients are taken special care and consideration during food cooking and processing. That’s why we have a set a level as per our food standard.

24x7 Tour Manager Support
During your entire Sundarban Tour from Kolkata, you will be guided by our experienced and cordial tour manager. He will look after every trivial detail for your safe, secure, and comfortable journey during Sundarban Cruise, jungle walking, sightseeing, night stay, and arranging events and entertainment. Any issue, he will be at your service.

Affordable Price Range
Our Sundarban Tour price is very competitive and pocket friendly. That’s why we have guests not only from Kolkata but also from all over India. We have successfully conducted some birding tours with foreign guests also. You can book your Sundarban Tour with just a simple call. Try it once, we will not disappoint you.


Q. Can we travel Sunderban in Houseboat with little kids?

You can travel Sunderban with even 1-year-old child also. Our Houseboat is equipped with 24x7 water, electricity, and we will provide hot water also as and when requested. So, it will not be a big deal to travel Sundarban in our Houseboat with baby child or kids.

Q. Do we need to carry ID proof for traveling to Sunderban?

Yes, do carry your valid Identity Card (Voter ID Card / Aadhar Card) along with you while traveling to Sunderban.

Q. Can I withdraw cash from ATM in Sunderban?

No, please carry enough cash with small denomination, as there are no ATMs or Debit / Credit Card swiping facility in Sunderban.

Q. Is pet dog allowed in Sundarban Houseboat Trip?

Absolutely Not. No pets are allowed in SUndarban Houseboat Tour

Q. Is social distancing and sanitization for COVID-19 is maintained during Sunderban Package Tour from Kolkata?

We do follow strict rules in sanitizing our Houseboat before every trip and special measures have been taken to practice social distancing with mandatory for everyone to carry their mask and sanitizer before starting the journey towards Sunderban.

Q. From where can we buy Sunderban Honey?

Sunderban Honey can be bought from the nearby market where the honey farmers directly sell to the buyers or you can inform our local representative to arrange the same.

Q. Do we need to carry mineral water throughout our Sunderban Tour from Kolkata?

During our entire tour, we provide fresh bottled mineral water all the time to all of our guests. In spite of that, certainly you can carry packaged mineral water with you.

Q. What we offer in Customized Sundarban Tour?

Your Exclusive Luxury Sundarban Package is Here :

Home/Hotel pickup-drop
Private Car
Private Boat / Houseboat
Private Kitchen
Private Guide
AC Super Deluxr Cottage

Q. What is the best season to visit Sunderban?

Post Monsoon to pre-Summer is the ideal time to Book a Sunderban Tour that is from October to March end. The best time is November to end of February when weather is pleasant and you will enjoy the whole day boat cruising with sunlight.

Q. What is the travel time to reach Sunderban from Kolkata?

Gadkhali, the gateway of Sunderban is around 3.5 hrs drive from Kolkata Science City point. So, you must start from Science City around 8 am to reach Gadkhali by 12 noon. From Gadkhali, your boat cruising will start.

Q. How many Tigers are left in Sundarban?

According to 2019-20 censuses by the West Bengal Forest Department the number of Tigers in Sunderban Reserve Forest in West Bengal is 96. Out of this 96 tigers, 23 are males, 43 females and 30 cubs.

Q. What kind of animal we can see in our Sunderban Tour from Kolkata?

Sunderban is the largest mangrove forest in the world. There are Royal Bengal Tigers, Crocodiles, Deers, Monkeys and many other wild animals are there in Sunderban. However, like any other forest, sighting of wild animals is mere luck, but many tourists spotted Royal Bengal tigers, crocodiles and deers in their trip.

Q. Whether Senior Citizen and small kids can Travel to Sunderban?

There is no challenge for Senior citizen and small kids. They should carry their regular medicines along with some emergency medicines.

Q. Can we do a night stay in the Houseboat in my Sunderban Trip?

Yes, during your entire trip, you will spend the night in our Luxury AC Houseboat anchored in the middle of the river.

Q. Can we enjoy AC in Houseboat for 24x7

Actually, there is a strict rule for use of AC in the Houseboat for all. AC is available only from 9pm to 5am in the morning.

Q. What is the best local food all should try in Sundarban Tour?

Sunderban is a large network of rivers and canals and famous for various kinds of fish, particularly small fish like Prawn, Pabda and Bhetki. If you a fish lover, discuss with your tour operator about your choices of fish and they will happy to provide the same.

Q. Is it comfortable to spend night at Houseboat in Sundarban?

Our Houseboat is customized with all AC Cabin well furnished and decorated with super clean bedsheet and runner, soft pillows and modern washroom with western facility. So spending the nights is AC Houseboat in Sundarban is absolutely relaxing and enjoyable.

Q. Can we consume alcohol in Houseboat?

Absolutely not. Consuming any kind of hard drinks like beer, whiskey is strictly banned in sundarban boat. For safe and Secure travel, guests are not allowed to consume alchol during cruise.

Sundarban Package Tour Reviews

4.4 Stars Rating, out of 5
based on 998 Reviews

madhurima paul facebook review for Sundarban tour From Facebook

Madhurima Paul


We have booked Sundarban tour with Naturewings (30th Dec 2020 to 1st Jan 2021). Excellent tour managed very carefully at a very reasonable price. The tour was amazingly good and well planned. They had planned our stay in very nice homestay. We are very pleased for good food and excellent behaviour of Naturewings. Mr. Debkumar Ghosh is very Co-operative minded. We are fully satisfied for this tour. All the best.

anirban chatterjee facebook review for Sundarban tour From Facebook

Anirban Chatterjee


We have booked Sundarban Trip with Naturewings on 30th Dec to 1st Jan which was awesome. Very well managed and resort & launch was very clean well maintained. Food was just amazing. Specially thanks to Mr. Debkumar (our beloved Debu da) who was our co-ordinator on this trip for making our New year special. Service from starting to end was highly appreciable. We will definitely look forward for another trip with Nature wings. Thanks keep it up 👍

sarmistha guha facebook review for sundarban tour from kolkata From Facebook

Sarmistha Guha


Their professionalism blended with excellent hospitality is remarkable. A point that needs special mention is that my nanogenarian father had accompanied my family and thanks a ton to Nature Wings as also Mangrove Retreat. Their warm attitude did not allow any wrinkled eyebrows. I surely am looking forward to holidays with Nature Wings.Thanks once again.

paulumi hazra facebook review for sundarban tour package from kolkata From Facebook

Paulumi Hazra


We had the most remarkable family tour to sundarban with Naturewings. Not only everything was perfect, but we felt, in every instance, that our guide Mr.Deb Kumar Ghose truly cared about us and did his best to make this trip memorable. Resort and boat was very clean and food was very good as well.Behavior of all staff in resort,boat and travel agency was good.will definitely plan another trip with naturewings.

abhishek baral facebook review for Sundarban Tour Package From Facebook

Abhishek Baral


Enjoyed our Sundanban trip with Naturewings fully. Continue the good hospitality and encourage more and more people in tourism. All the best.

pampa khastagir facebook review for Sundarban tour From Facebook

Pampa Khastagir


Its an amazing and beautiful journey (Sundarban)..... well planned, excellent service, good food quality and lots of enjoyment ..... Thanks to 'Naturewings' to organize such a memorable tour. We are waiting for the next.

monami sarkar reviews for for Sundarban tour package From Google

Monami Sarkar


We were total 22 family members just completed Sunderban Tour few days ago. It was different experience and we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The best part was the whole day boat cruise with lots of yummy fries and local fish. Though we couldn’t spotted the tiger, but we have seen few deers and crocodiles heard from guide that just 2 days back, locals spotted tiger in Sajnekhali, but we missed it. The hotels, food, transports and boats provided by NatureWings were good and as committed. Thanks to NatureWIngs for arranging wonderful Sunderban Tour from Kolkata.

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Partho Pratim


Our trip to Sunderban was really great and we enjoyed the largest mangrove forest of the world, so many rivers and canals and overall boat cruising and visiting the watch tower. The Bengali style food with many fishes like Ilish and Chingri made our trip really fabulous. Previously we travelled for Bhutan Tour with NatureWings and they provided very good service, so this time when we decided for Sunderban, we choose them without any doubts and obviously they didn’t disappoint us.

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Ranjita Nag


Our trip to Sunderban was very well organized and we enjoyed a lot. The whole day boat cruising was very relaxing, the boat was good, there are places with bed for taking rest. My parents took a sleep in the bed and we played lot of games on board with other passengers. The mobile signal was not available all the places and I liked that, at least for few hours I felt I was like out of the world. Whole day boat cruising with onboard good foods was very relaxing and got a complete rest. We stayed in Dayapur village and choose a premium resort over there, all facilities including AC, Geyser and all other amenities were available and in the evening they organized a local folk dance program. The overall food, both at resort as well as on board in the boat was good. The boat was neat and clean with good sleeping bed with private small cabin. Bathroom in the boat was also ok. Overall, it was new experience with boat cruise and we recommend NatureWings for Sunderban Package from Kolkata.

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Sunita Majumdar


We are from Mumbai and on a way to visit Bhutan, we took 3 days Sunderban Tour from Kolkata, arranged by NatureWIngs. It was really a awesome experience with unique ambiance under the world’s largest mangrove forest and various wild lives. Our trip started from Kolksta and after 3 and half hours of journey, we reached a river jetty Gadkhali, from there we boarded our boat and it started sailing for around 2 hours to reach our resort, Mangrove resort. Once we boarded our boat from Gadkhali, green coconut was offered. After sometime, they offered some vegetable pakora , Cheese pakora and paneer pakora along with 2 times tea/coffee. Then we checked in at the resort the most exciting day was the second day, when it was a full day cruising with lots of vegetable items. The whole day boat cruising along with watch tower visit was really thrilling and we spotted one crocodile on the river bed. Sometime boat enters into the very narrow canal and we got frightened. The lifestyle of Sunderban local is very unique and risky too. We found few very small boats are sailing through for fishing. Overall our Sunderban Tour from Kolkata was memorable one.

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Supriyo Sarkar


In last week of Decenber, we Book a Sunderban Package Tour for 3 days. The trip was really good, we enjoyed the boat ride, hotels and food. Kids in our team enjoyed by spotting few deers and one crocodile during 1st day of our cruise. We are a bird lover and on the first day we could see few rare bird species in the pakhiralaya. However, we could not find much value in the evening dance program. The fried fish on board was really munchy and tasty. If you want to take a break from your city life and mobile calls, I recommend taking a sunderban trip. It will rejuvenate you for sure. Kudos to NatureWings.