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Reach out to Mother Nature from Rinchenpong

Sikkim is the other name of serenity, but to get it at its best you need to pick the best spots. The entire kingdom of the Chogyals is blessed immensely by Mother Nature and hence every corner of Sikkim is beautiful. But if serenity is what your soul is crying for, then the Western part of the state should be your aim. How about spending a few days at a small town nestled on the hill slopes with the snow-capped peaks of Kanchenjunga standing on the other side? How about taking gentle strolls through forested areas and hill slopes keeping the huge peaks as witnesses? No market, no shop, no crowds, and noise, just you with your beloved one and the magnanimous peaks watching you from the about that? If this is exactly what you are looking for in Sikkim, then set out for a trip to Rinchenpong.

Situated quite close to Pelling, the top tourist attraction in the Western part of Sikkim, Rinchenpong is a small town standing at an altitude of over 5576 feet. Rinchenpong is just 10 kilometers from Ghyalsing and very close to Kaluk, a beautiful village on the hill slopes. Rinchenpong is a perfect place for a calm holiday. You can simply stare at the peaks and the picturesque valleys lying underneath or get out of your hotel for short walks in the locality. The small town offers such a clear view of the ranges that you can easily spot the other peaks, apart from Kanchenjunga, like Pandim, Kumbhakarna, Kabru, and Rathong. Rinchenpong does not offer a lot in terms of tourist attractions but yet spots like the Bike-Pokhri, Rinchenpong Monastery, Ati Buddha and Rabindra Smriti Van would give you charming moments. At Rinchenpong, Mother Nature would be your only companion. Your day will start with the sound of birds tweeting from the forested areas on the slopes. After a cup of tea in bed with a great glimpse of the peaks through the window, you can start a great day exploring the surroundings of Rinchenpong. All the places of interest in Rinchenpong are located closely and hence you can cover them all on your feet unless you have a breathing problem. Rinchenpong is a spot where you can hear the sound of silence such is the level of serenity and hence it is not an ideal spot for a family tour. But if you have just started your conjugal life and planning a memorable Honeymoon, then Rinchenpong awaits you.

Around Rinchenpong

Bikh Pokhri: A historic site where a battle took place between the then chogyal (king) men and the British forces. Local Lepchas made use of some herbs to poison the water of a lake, which was the only source of water here. Though the lake has now dried up the site will excite you.

Thatney KholaTrout Hatching Centre: Stands just above the town of Rinchenpong a beautiful monastery, which is the third oldest in the entire Sikkim. Apart from a breathtaking view of the beautiful surroundings, the monastery would delight you with a unique statue of Lord Buddha. The statue of the Lord sitting in yab yum position is called Ati Buddha here. Here Lord Buddha is seen embracing a woman and is said to be the real Buddha.

How to reach Rinchenpong: You can reach Rinchenpong from NJP or Siliguri, from Pelling, Jorethan as well as Gangtok. You can opt for a shared car or reserve a car from any of these places.

Distances: Siliguri to Rinchenpong: 144 kilometers
Pelling to Rinchenpong: 34 kilometers
Jorethang to Rinchenpong: 33 kilometers
Gangtok to Rinchenpong: 116 kilometers