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Little princess of Nature’s kingdom in West Sikkim

Situated in the western part of Sikkim, Pelling is among the most dazzling jewels in its crown. For ages, the beautiful small hill town has been alluring the wanderlusts. Located at a height of over 7000 feet (7,200 ft approx) Pelling is a small hamlet from where one can catch the best glimpse of the astonishing Kanchenjunga. The distance is so close that one may feel like talking to the snow-capped peak. Here the day starts with the snowy crowns changing colors from pink to gold to white and it ends with an indescribable shade of fiery orange.

Pelling offers endless scopes of exploring Mother Nature to the tourists. Kanchenjunga is not the only spectacle that one catch glimpse of at this small hamlet. Situated close to the town are stunning spots like the Kanchenjunga Falls, Rimbi Falls, Changey Waterfalls, Rock Garden, Sinsore Bridge, Khechipelri Lake, Pemyangse Monastery and the Rabdantse Ruins. While Kanchenjunga Falls astonish visitors with the sight of a broad stream of water jumping deep down from a great height, Khechipelri Lake makes people spellbound with its serenity and holiness. Another beautiful cascading waterfall near the town of Pelling is Changey. The sound of the stream jumping down to the pebbles from a high altitude would surely excite you here. The Changey Waterfall is just 10 kilometers from the town. Khechipelri is considered by the Buddhists as one of the holiest places and a wishing lake. Along the path through a jungle of pine trees will take you near the bank and then a small wooden bridge on a shade on top will take you to the water. It is a place where one’s eyes and soul gets the relaxation that they seek.

Located very close to the heart of Pelling, the Pemyangse Monastery is a major attraction, not only because of its religious importance but also its history. The monastery that stands at an altitude of over 6,800 feet, is among the oldest in Sikkim. The monastery dates back to the 17th century and is the creation of Lama Lhatsun Chempo. pemayangtse is also an important spot for the trekkers since it is the starting point for the famous Dzongri trek route. Another famous monastery in the region is the Sangachoeling Monastery, which is just 3 kilometers from Pelling. Absolute silence prevails here and the view of the peaks is simply breathtaking. Another must visit spot around Pelling is the Singshore Bridge. The 198 meters long suspended structure is the second highest gorge bridge in Asia. The amazing structure ‘hangs’ in between two gorges and offers a bird’s eye view of the gorges, which is stunning and quite thrilling. Singshore Bridge just 5 kilometers from Pelling and could be reached within half an hour.

Hotels & Resorts in Pelling

Sl.No. Hotel Name Tariff From Approx Road
1. Hotel Tashi Delek Regency 1250.00 1650.00
2. Hotel Garuda 750.00 2450.00

Around Pelling

Pelling is like a little princess in Nature's kingdom in Sikkim and she reveals her treasures in different other ways. Drives ranging from half an hour to one and a half hours take tourists to some other beautiful spots like Dentum Valley, Yuksom, Hee, Barmiok, Kaluk, and Rinchenpong.

Kaluk: Situated close to Gyalshing, the capital of West Sikkim, Kaluk is a serene village from where one can enjoy a great view of the Kanchenjungha. Lush greeneries and simplicity of villagers are the real charms of the place.

Rinchenpong: Situated very close to Kaluk, Rinchenpong is a town at a height of 5576 feet. Apart from a stunning view of the peaks, Rinchenpong charms visitors with its tranquility, forested areas, and the Ringsum Monastery.

Yuksom: Yuksom was the first capital of Sikkim and today it is an important historical spot. The capital was established way back in 1642 AD by the first Chogyal Phuntsog Namgyal. Attractions in Yuksom include the Throne of Norbugang, the first monarch of Sikkim and the Norbugang Chorten.

Distances: Siliguri to Pelling: 125 kilometers
Gangtok to Pelling: 110 kilometers