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Destination Dirang


Dirang: A mesmerizing halt on the way to Tawang

For true explorers of Nature, luxury, comfort, and availability of amenities do not matter much. What they look for is scope to stay on the lap of Mother Nature for some time, breathe in the fresh air and absorb the simplicity of the surroundings. So they prefer quaint hamlets over dazzling towns and cities. Situated in Arunachal Pradesh, one of the top tourist destinations in North-East, Dirang is one such place that will bring solace to the explorer in you. A small hamlet or town in the West Kamen district, Dirang stands in between Jorhat in Assam and Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh and serves as a night halt for the Tawang-bound tourist groups. Located closely to Dirang is Bomdila, another spot where tourists rest for a night on their way to Tawang.

The small hamlet of Dirang mesmerizes explorers with its beauty. It is situated on the foot of Kameng River Valley and offers a wonderful visual treat. Dirang is situated at an altitude of 4900 feet and enjoys a pleasant weather condition, which makes stay very comfortable for explorers. Being a night halt, most of the tourists do not get enough time to explore Dirang, since they are in a hurry to reach Tawang so ideally, you should choose this hamlet as your night halt during your return journey to Assam from Tawang. You can spend your time here simply by enjoying a stroll through paddy fields on the slope of the valley, take some snapshots of the valley from the bridge over the Kameng river or take a tour of the local Dirang market in the evening where villagers bring local artifacts for sell.

Being a region close to Bhutan, you can easily the influence of the neighboring Buddhist nation in Dirang. The biggest symbol is the Dirang Dzong, a 150-year old fort. Around the fort, there are some stone houses that date back to several centuries. The Dirang Dzong also offers a grand view of the surroundings. Another attraction in Dirang is the hot spring which you will find on the way to Tawang. To reach the spring you need to climb some 500 steps. F time permits you may also visit the Yak Research Centre which is located at the top of the town.