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Book Sikkim Gangtok Package Tour - 2022/23 Spl. Best Rate

sikkim gangtok package tour from NJP/Bagdogra
sikkim gangtok package booking from Bagdogra / Siliguri
sikkim gangtok tour cost from NJP or Bagdogra
sikkim gangtok tour package itinerary from NJP for 6N 7D
sikkim package tour from NJP/Bagdogra/Siliguri
sikkim gangtok package tour from NJP/Bagdogra
sikkim gangtok package booking from Bagdogra / Siliguri
sikkim gangtok tour cost from NJP or Bagdogra
sikkim gangtok tour package itinerary from NJP for 6N 7D
sikkim package tour from NJP/Bagdogra/Siliguri

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Discover the mystical & magical wonderland of Sikkim with all shades of rich cultures, jaw dropping panoramic sites to behold and cherish among the backdrop of mighty Himalaya. Sikkim is a wonderful kaleidoscope that truly reflects the beauty of Mother Nature with scenery, mountain ranges, lakes, passes, streams, rivers, monasteries, gompas, and tea estates and with wide array of flora and fauna that cherish the travel zeal of every traveler. At NatureWings, with this Sikkim Gangtok Package Tour we will make your dreams come true by presenting this diversified land in its raw format.

In this Sikkim Gangtok Tour Packages behold the spectacular dawn on Mt. Khangchendzonga - world's third-highest mountain along with snow-clad peaks, glacier lakes, trekking trails, Buddhist monasteries and age old route for trading better known as Silk Route. With this Gangtok Package Tour we will explore some of the best attractions of Sikkim like Gangtok city, Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, Seven Sisters Waterfalls, Phodong Monastery, Rumtek Monastery, Phensang Monastery, Tashiding Monastery, Do Drul Chorten Stupa, Lachen, Gurudongmar Lake, Lachung, Yumthang Valley, Mount Katao, Chungthang, Crow's Lake, Mangan, Chopta Valley, Cholamu Lake, Green Lake Trek, Tosar Lake Trek, Singhik, Kabi Lungchok, Ban Jhakri Falls etc.

So, explore Sikkim with our affordably priced Sikkim Package Tour comprising panoramic views of the snow-clad high mountain peaks, the serenity of the Tsomgo & Gurudongmar Lake, with the sacred wind that passes the prayer flags, with ever smiling people and children seems straight out of a canvas of a painter. Believe it or not, this Sikkim Gangtok Package Tour await you with a whole new set of surprises that will never disappoint you with its unadulterated natural beauty away from the madness and hustle bustle of 9am to 6pm city life. We take all stress to make you stress free. Come, join us together and make this trip a memorable story to share with your loved ones.

Sikkim Gangtok Package Tour Duration : 6 Nights | 7 Days

Places to cover in this Sikkim Tour : Gangtok [4N] | Lachen [1N] | Lachung [1N]

Pickup & Drop : Bagdogra Airport [IXB] | NJP [New Jalpaiguri Station]

Location of Gangtok : 1,650 m | Coordinates - 27.3314° N, 88.6138° E

Location of Lachen : 2,600 m | Coordinates - 27.7167° N, 88.5577° E

Location of Lachung : 2,700 m | Coordinates - 27.6891° N, 88.7430° E

Location of Tsomgo Lake : 3,753 m | Coordinates - 27.3742° N, 88.7619° E

Location of Gurudongmar Lake : 5,154 m | Coordinates - 28.0258° N, 88.7097° E

Location of Yumthang Valley : 3,700 m | Coordinates - 27.8268° N, 88.6958° E

Location of Zero Point : 4,358 m | Coordinates - 27.9305° N, 88.7346° E





Which month is best for Gangtok trip?

As a hilly destination in the lap of Himalaya, the weather in Gangtok is almost same as any other high altitude hill destination remains. Though in terms of coldness, wind speed, fogs, temperature and snowfall, some distinctiveness of Gangtok weather can be observed with other places like Darjeeling, Shimla, Kullu, Manali, Kashmir, Ladakh, and Arunachal Pradesh. Here you can have a fare idea about different weather in Gangtok as per season based on this you can book your Sikkim Gangtok Package Tour.

Winter in Gangtok - Winter in Gangtok starts from early December and remains till end of February. Winter in Gangtok can be very harsh especially at morning and Night. The temperature can drop down from 4°C to 0°C also. Though snowfall in Gangtok in not a common phenomenon but heavy snow fall can be experienced in Tsomgo Lake, Nathula Pass, Gurudongmar Lake. During winter most of the time the city may be covered under thick blanket of fog for several days also. Anyways, in spite of this winter in Gangtok is wonderful.

Monsoon in Gangtok - Monsoon in Gangtok comprises of July to September. During monsoon, it rains a lot in the city making it difficult to travel around but most of the time cloudy sky and mist makes the place a perfect place for leisure tour as tourist influx become less and the calmness of the city become more enjoyable for those who wish to find themselves among the calmness and serenity. Here is one point to remember, during monsoon hotel rate gets slashed down due to low demand, so those looking for cost curtail, can opt for Sikkim Gangtok Tour Package during monsoon.
So you may think other than winter and monsoon, which is the best time to visit Gangtok? There are two best seasons or time you can choose to travel and enjoy your Gangtok Package Tour.

Summer in Gangtok - Like any other high altitude hill destination, middle of March to end of June is the best time to book your Sikkim Gangtok Tour Package in Summer. When the entire plains of India suffer with scorching heat, then Gangtok along with North Sikkim give some relief to the travelers. With cloud and fog free sky you can behold the crystal clear Himalayan mountain ranges along with Mt. Kanchenjungha - the third highest mountain peak in the world. As good weather prevails, sightseeing and activities like River Rafting in Sikkim Hiking, Tsomgo or Changu Lake Tour, Ropeway at 12,900 ft at Sikkim's Iconic Tsomgo Lake, North Sikkim Package Tour with Gurudongmar Lake excursion seems quite enjoyable.

Autumn in Gangtok - Generally post monsoon period i.e. early October to end of November is one of the best times to enjoy Gangtok Tour Packages. As monsoon almost over, travelers can experience clear sky and fog free ambience to enjoy their sightseeing and fun activities.

Travel MonthMin / Max TemperatureSeason
March to June10° - 15°CSummer
July to October8° - 12°CAutumn
October to February8° - 4°CWinter



How is the weather in North Sikkim?

North Sikkim is the most remote destination in any Sikkim Tour. Being in a high altitude, throughout the year the weather in north Sikkim remains cold. During winter, mainly with the advent of December month heavy snow fall starts and the place becomes isolated from rest of the states. Places in North Sikkim like Lachen and Lachung comes under thick blanket of snow. Though it seems adventures to hear, but the ground reality is very harsh in winter. Temperature comes down to sub-zero even in day time also. The only and best time to travel north Sikkim is end of March to end of June (summer season) and end of September to early November (autumn season). So if you have any plan to explore this remote part of Sikkim, NatureWings will design your customized North Sikkim Package Tour in Summer with best possible facilities and amenities.

Travel MonthMin / Max TemperatureSeason
March to June8° - 10°CWarm but Pleasant
July to September6° - 9°CWarm and Wet
October to February0° - 4°CCold & Pleasant



How to reach Gangtok?

Gangtok is easily accessible from New Jalpaiguri Station (NJJP), Siliguri Station and Bagdogra Airport. After reaching Bagdogra/NJP/Siliguri, travelers can easily book private taxis, cars or shared jeep to reach Gangtok though prices may vary based upon no of passengers, travel season. Depending upon negotiation, NJP to Gangtok may cost Rs. 350/- to Rs. 500/- per person by shared car.

There is another easy way to travel Gangtok. For this guests can come down to Pakyong Airport [PYG] and from there they can book a car to reach up to Gangtok by hiring a Cab. It is almost 34km and 1.30 hrs drives through beautiful composition of hills, mountains, forests, lakes and innumerable streams. Travelling cost by a dedicated car from Pakyong Airport to Gangtok can cost between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3500 depending upon the season, weather and tourist influx.

Now if you want an adventurous trip from Bagdogra to Gangtok, you can enjoy it through a helicopter ride. There is a daily helicopter service from Bagdogra Airport to Burtuk (4.2 km from Gangtok City) which guests can enjoy. At a time a total 5 passengers can book this prized ride with minimum luggage. The 35 minutes journey can cost up to Rs.2500 but it is really beautiful among the curves of mountains and worth to booking.

Here one thing travelers should keep mind that if they arrive NJP/Bagdogra during peak season and without booking any car, it may be a troublesome for them. Without prior booking any car can be charged at much higher price and that of also no guarantee. So it’s advisable to travel Gangtok with a pre booked car and that can be done through a Gangtok Tour Package Booking.

NJPGangtok4 hr 20 min (117.9 km) via NH10
Bagdogra AirportGangtok4 hr 31 min (124.1 km) via NH10
Pakyong AirportGangtok1 hr 25 min (26.7 km) via NH 717A and NH10
Siliguri JunctionGangtok4 hr 11 min (112.3 km) via NH10



What are the best attractions of Sikkim Gangtok Package Tour?

The major attractions of Sikkim Tour Package are - Gangtok, Tashi Viewpoint, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Ganesh Tok, Himalayan Zoological Park, Tsomgo Lake, Nathu La Pass, Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, Seven Sisters Waterfalls, Phodong Monastery, Rumtek Monastery, Phensang Monastery, Tashiding Monastery, Do Drul Chorten Stupa, Lachen, Gurudongmar Lake, Lachung, Yumthang Valley, Mount Katao, Chungthang, Crow's Lake, Mangan, Chopta Valley, Cholamu Lake, Green Lake Trek, Tosar Lake Trek, Singhik, Kabi Lungchok, Ban Jhakri Falls etc


Gangtok to Tsomgo [Chhanggu] Lake1 hr 35 min (44.0 km) via Jawaharlal Nehru Rd
Tsomgo Lake to Baba Mandir28 min (16.6 km) via Jawaharlal Nehru Rd
Tsomgo Lake to Nathula Pass30 min (16.9 km) via Jawaharlal Nehru Rd
Gangtok to Chungthang3 hr 29 min (87.8 km) via Gangtok-Chungthang Rd
Gangtok to Lachen4 hr 32 min (114.0 km) via Gangtok-Chungthang Rd
Lachen to Gurudongmar Lake2 hr 27 min (65.9 km) via Gurudongmar Road
Gangtok to Lachung4 hr 19 min (109.2 km) via Gangtok-Chungthang Rd
Lachen to Lachung2 hr 43 min (81.8 km) via NH206
Lachung to Yumthang Valley1 hr 20 min (25 km)
Lachung to Zero Point2 hr 20 min (50 km)
Gangtok to Pelling4 hr 45 min (128.9 km) via NH10
Pelling to Khecheopalri Lake1 hr 20 min (31.6 km) via Pelling-Rimbi Rd
Gangtok to Rumtek Monastery59 min (21.8 km) via NH10 and Ranipool-Rumtek-Sang Rd
Gangtok to Mangan2 hr 30 min (58.9 km) via Gangtok-Chungthang Rd
Gangtok to Zuluk3 hr 36 min (95.7 km) via Jawaharlal Nehru Rd




→    Tsomgo Lake : A glacial lake situated just 44 km from Gangtok at an altitude of 12,310 feet

→    Nathu La Pass : A pass between Sikkim and China's Tibet Autonomous Region best known for Old Silk Route trade line

→    Namgyal Institute of Tibetology : A place where Tibetan Buddhism is still studied and practiced in depth

→    Tashi Viewpoint : A viewpoint that offers spectacular view of entire grand Himalayan mountain range

→    Seven Sister Water Falls : A wonderful place to visit during Gangtok Tour having a cafeteria near by

→    Phodong Monastery : A perfect place to do meditation and attain inner peace

→    Do Drul Chorten Stupa : An important land mark having wish fulfilling 108 Mani Lhakor or prayer wheels of Buddhism

→    Ganesh Tok : A temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha that offers wonderful views of surrounding places

→    Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple : A temple dedicated to the memory of an Indian Soldier named Harbhajan Singh, martyred during the Sino war

→    Rumtek Monastery : A monastery with great architecture and cultural significance that follows Tibetan Buddhism


→    Acquire proper permits before entering restricted places in Sikkim like Tsomgo Lake, Nathula Pass, and North Sikkim.

→    Keep your identity card with photocopy at all times.

→    Always seek permission before taking photographs of local people.

→    Dress modestly while visiting religious places & monasteries.

→    Pay respects the customs and culture of Sikkimies people.

→    Try to travel with a local guide or experienced driver.

→    Do not disturb the flora and fauna while travelling or trekking.

→    Do not litter anywhere during your Sikkim Tour.

→    Always bring back all the wastes such as empty plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags etc.

→    Dump the waste materials in dustbin only.

→    Do not pluck flowers from trees or planted in road side.

→    Do not reject food offered by the local people.

→    Do not swim in the lakes, rivers in the protected areas.

→    Drink sufficient amount of water to avoid dehydration while travelling and trekking.

→    Sikkim is smoke Free State, so be careful while smoking.

→    Always enter sacred places and monasteries in barefoot.

→    Do not buy products made of endangered species or animals.

→    Be careful while visiting waterfalls as chances of slipping and hurt yourself.


gangtok north sikkim tour package from njp bagdogra

DAY 1 : BAGDOGRA / NJP STATION TO GANGTOK [4 hr 20 min (117.9 km) via NH10]

This is the first day of your Gangtok Tour Package. Meet & greet on arrival for your Sikkim Gangtok Package Tour and drive to Gangtok. This is almost 4 hrs long journeys and is extremely beautiful. You will enjoy every curve of the hills during drive. The picturesque Teesta River follows you all the way. Take a halt for photo session on Sevoke Rail Bridge and Coronation Bridge. The squeaking playful monkeys will welcome you in many places. There is many read side "Dhabas" or Restraint where you can stop over and try some local delicacies like Momos, Thukpas etc.

Before evening reach Gangtok and check in to hotel. Later after freshen up you could stroll about the neighborhood in the evening. The super clean city of Gangtok sometime appears like foreign to many travelers. Enjoy the evening fullest. Stroll on the famous MG Marg, have some hot coffee or ice cream. There are lots of Bars and Restaurants in both side og MG Marg where you can enjoy the extravagant Nightlife in Gangtok. Some of the famous bars and Restaurants where you can enjoy the Gangtok Nightlife are :

Cafe Live Loud - Live Music at its Best
Time: 11 AM - 11 PM
Address: Enchey Compound, Tibet Road, Power Secretariat

Osm Lounge
Time: 3 PM- 10:30 PM
Address: Middle Sichey, MG Marg, Vishal Gaon

Lounge 31a - Ace
Time: 12 AM- 12 PM
Address: Zero Point, NH31A, Gangtok

After Dark
Time: 7 PM - 1 PM; Opens only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
Address: Paljor Stadium Rd, Gangtok

Mayfair - Casino Mahjong
Time: 24 hours open
Address: Mayfair Spa & Resorts, National Highway 31A, Lower Samdur Block, Ranipool

Casino Deltin Denzong - Higher the Place Higher the Stakes
Time: 24 hours open
Address: Denzong Regency, Cherry Banks, Gangtok

Overnight at Hotel in Gangtok. Have a sweet dream and get fresh as next day long tour is waiting for you.


After a tight sleep say good morning to Gangtok. If you are an early riser, you can have a morning walk vicinity MG Marg and nearby hilly roads. Feel the freshness of the air and intake pure oxygen as much as you can. Complete your breakfast within 8am as you will be departing for Lachen Tour soon. Start your journey from Gangtok at about 9 am towards Lachen via NH 31A. The journey is 4 hr 57 min (120.4 km) via Singtam - Chungthang Rd. On the way stop and enjoy a few wonderful locations like Tashi View Point, built by Tashi Namgyal, offering a panoramic view of Mt Khangchendzonga. On the way you will visit:

lachen tour from gangtok

Kabi Longstok - a historic place, located on North Sikkim Highway. This is the where a treaty between Lepcha Chief Te-Kung-Tek and the Bhutia Chief Khey-Bum-Sar was signed.

Seven Sister Waterfalls - the name is given to this waterfall as it makes its descent in seven stages. To facilitate the tourists to savour the pristine beauty and to be with nature, Tourism Department of Sikkim has set up a waiting shed and cafeteria.

Naga Waterfalls - the confluence of Lachen-Chu and Lachung-Chu at Chungthang. Mostly perennial in nature, waterfalls are a plenty in this region, Bhim Nala & Twin Waterfalls are two others one comes across en route to North Sikkim and the gorgeous Teesta follows you all the way.

You can have your lunch on the way near either Mangan or Chungthang. In lunch you can have rice, dal, roti, veg curry, chicken curry, egg curry, momo, noodle etc. Drinks like local beer or chhaang is a must try. Enjoy it and start for your hotel. You will reach your pre-booked hotel at Lachen almost post evening. After hotel check in get freshen up and have your tea or coffee. Later you can stroll around the vicinity of Lachen village. You can arrange camp fire and spend the evening with near and dear once with songs, or antakshari, playing guitar and lots of gossip. Basically there is nothing to do this evening. So enjoy the time as you wish. Carry some good books and read it seating in the balcony or on the bank of Lachen River. Chilling cold will be your all time companion. Later have your dinner served hot and get a tight sleep. Next day long journey is waiting for you.


This is the third day of your much awaited Sikkim Tour as today you will visit to see the wonder of nature - The Gurudongmar Lake. So, wake up as early (4am) as you can and get ready for your Gurugongmar Lake Tour - one of the most sacred lakes believed by the Buddhists and Hindus alike. On the way we will visit some of the best sightseeing places in Lachen:

Thangu Valley: This is the first stop on the way to Gurudongmar Lake from Lachen. Located at an altitude of 13000 ft, this is 2 hrs journeys [35km] from Lachen. Basically this is a small hamlet with a few small wooden cottage and shops scattered nearby. This is a place with nature packed treasures all around. With snow capped mountain peaks all around and lots of streams, Thangu is a perfect halt to get fresh during this long strenuous journey. You can have tea, momo, noodles steaming hot that can boost you to go further. Because of its altitude, the valley is covered with snow most of the time in the year except summer. Full bloom Rhododendron in different colors and primulas all over, the valley become treasure hunt for travelers and trekkers. Spending some time here will make you feel good.

thangu valley north sikkim tour

Chopta Valley: At an altitude of 13,100ft visiting this awe awe-inspiring valley is a must to behold the love of nature. This valley with its all grandeur offers immense peace to visitors with its tranquility and serenity. During summer, the valley become live with purple primulas all around and in winter the snow carpet offers wonderful view.

chopta valley north sikkim tour

Kalapatthar: From Chopta valley on the way to Gurudongmar Lake visiting Kalapatthar is a must. As the place is below altitude then Gurudongmar Lake, high altitude sickness is less experience. Snow all around through the year is the cherry on top during your tour. With white snow all around and black rocks popping out in between makes the place an artist canvas with black and white painting. Here you can experience sub zero temperature between -4 to -10 degrees. You can experience 3 to 6ft snow all around and can play with it. Children prefer to make snow man and play with snow. Spend some time here, enjoy the beauty of Kalapatthar which is terribly good and heads towards Gurudongmar Lake.

kalapatthar north sikkim tour

As you proceed towards the lake, you will notice the geographical change. Gradually the land will become barren with less vegetation. Mainly shrubs and small bushy plants like rhododendron can be spotted here and there. You will be driving through the roads that will make you feel similar like Ladakh Tour. Soon you will notice snow capped High Mountain that marks that Lake Gurudongmar is near.

After arriving this wonderful place, behold the magnificent snow capped mountain and their reflections in the water of the lake. It is absolute bliss to be here. Roam around the banks, touch the water of the lake, feel its purity. You can visit the nearby temple or gompha where local people offer prayer and puja. You can hardly stay here for 30 to 45 minutes as it is extremely high altitude and breathing problem is inevitable due to scarcity of oxygen. So, don’t spend much time here and get down as early as possible.

The beautiful and awe inspiring lake remains milky in color throughout the year. According to a legend, since the lake used to remain frozen most of the year, it was not possible to use its water for drinking purposes. When the Guru Padmasambhava passed by, while returning from Tibet, the local residents are reported to have approached him for providing source of water. The Guru obliged. A portion of the lake touched by him does not freeze in extreme winter. Since water of the lake is considered sacred, visitors carry the 'blessed' water in bottles.

gurudongmar lake north sikkim tour
TIPS: While visiting Gurudongmar Lake, proper permits must be obtained from the local authority and frequent checking by the Army personal can be noticed as the area is vicinity of Indo-China border. Carry proper documents like Voter ID Card, Passport or Driving License etc in original and photocopy also along with some passport size photograph.

Come back to Lachen Hotel within 2 to 3pm, get refreshed and have lunch. After that heads towards Lachung Tour.

LachenGurudongmar Lake2 hr 27 min (65.9 km) via Gurudongmar Road
LachenThangu Valley1 hr 10 min (34.0 km) via Gurudongmar Road
Thangu ValleyChopta Valley8 min (3.7 km) via Gurudongmar Road
Chopta ValleyKalapatthar20 min (8.4 km) via Gurudongmar Road
KalapattharGurudongmar Lake1 hr 35 min (40.0 km) via Gurudongmar Road
LachenLachung1 hr 48 min (46.8 km) via Lachen Rd




This is 4th day of your North Sikkim Package Tour. With morning bed tea say good morning Lachung - best known for its pristine natural view in the lap of Mother Nature. If you wake up early, get a walk around this small hamlet. With so many apple orchards, small streams and rivers, pine forest and waterfalls, Lachung is a perfect place to get socked among the vibrant ambience of scenic beauty of North Sikkim. Complete your breakfast earliest and get ready for Yumthang Valley Tour.

The distance between Lachung to Yumthang Valley is almost 25km. The journey is awesome as the scenic beauty on both sides of the road is jaw dropping with snow capped mountain rising high. Enjoy it. Every curve on the way to the valley awaits you with its wonders. Drive through the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary - as the name suggests wide variety of Rhododendron will salute you on your journey. If you are visiting here post April, the view will be awesome. Crimson red, white and pink rhododendron with full bloom makes the place like heaven. Believe it or not, the beauty is not less than Switzerland. It’s really awesome.

yumthang valley package tour from lachung with NatureWings
Reach Yumthang Valley - better known as valley of flowers. In summer it is covered with wide range of Rhododendron and purple Primulas. The entire valley is carpeted with soft green grass and primulas popping out make it stunningly beautiful. Soak your feet in Lachung River. The water is freezing cold but pure. Prayer flags all around and Buddhist Gompga makes the place with divine touch. Seems Mother Nature has crafted the place with her own hands. If you are lucky enough, you can experience snow fall here also. You can enjoy hot tea, momo, noodles, and boil eggs on road side shops run by locals. If needed you can hire gumboot, heavy jackets and long gloves before heading to Zero point.

yumthang valley tour package from lachung with NatureWings
The distance between Yumthang Valley to Zero point is almost 25km and takes almost 1 hr. On the way after a few km you can experience snow fall if you are lucky enough. Points to be noted that weather can change anytime, so get ready for the worst situation also. Reach Zero point which is a wide open valley but it remains covered with snow throughout the year. With snow cover all around, people become very enthusiastic here and love to play with snow. People of all ages and kids enjoy this part of the trip most.

zero point tour north sikkim with NatureWings
NOTE: Any Lachen Lachung Package Tour doesn't cover Zero Point in their itinerary. You have to pay driver extra (approx Rs.3000/Car) and he will drive you there.

After enjoying Zero point, come back to Lachung, have lunch and start for Gangtok Tour.


This is 5th day of your Sikkim Gangtok Tour Packages. Say good morning to Gangtok with hot bed tea. Have a morning walk along the alleys of Gangtok. The morning is really beautiful in Gangtok with mist and fog playing around you. Return back to hotel and After breakfast, get ready for full day trip to:

Tsomgo Lake / Changu Lake: Only 40 kms from Gangtok City at an altitude of 3,753m this is a glacial lake which is almost 1 km long, oval in shape and 15 mtrs deep. The Lake is considered sacred by the local people. The journey to the lake from Gangtok city is extremely beautiful and scenic. During winter the lake becomes frozen. The area gets covered under thick blanket of snow making the area not less that Switzerland. Recently a rope way service has been introduced to give the travelers the best view of the Lake and surroundings from the top. The to and from Cable car ride is almost 10 mnts and cost Rs. 325/Person. The view from the upper point of cable car ride is astonishingly beautiful. It seems that you are literarily in Switzerland.

yumthang valley package tour from lachung with NatureWings
NOTE: As spine chilling weather prevails here, heavy jackets, long boots and proper protection is mandatory. Children and elderly people need to carry high altitude medicine. Yak ride can be added enjoyment here.

New Baba Harvajan Singh Mandir: Located 12 kms further you will visit this place. The Mandir is believed to have wish-fulfilling powers. On Sundays a 'langar' is run at the temple which provides free meals to the visitors.

Nathula Pass: It was a major corridor of passage between India and Tibet before it was closed in 1962. Located around 56 kms from Gangtok at an altitude of 14450 ft, the road to Nathula, one of the highest motorable roads, passes through the Tsomgo Lake. On a clear day you can even see the road winding down the Chumbi valley. The best time to visit Changu Lake and Nathula Pass is between May to October. Winter is freezing cold and covered under snow. Those who want to enjoy snow can visit here during December to January but reaching there is uncertain as anytime weather may become harsh and roads may be blocked. Though Indian Army Jawans is heavily deployed here and help tourist all the time as needed.

NOTE: Nathula Pass visit will be on direct payment basis as because it depends on availability of permit from army and weather & road Condition except Monday and Tuesday. Spend quality time in these wonderful places and return back to Gangtok City. Overnight at Gangtok.


After breakfast, in the morning start for a tour in and around Gangtok. First Visit :

Tashi View Point - built by Tashi Namgyal, offering a panoramic view of Mt Khangchendzonga

Gonjang Monastery - Gonjang Monastery near Tashi View Point was established in the year 1981. The founder is H.E. Tingkye Gonjang Rimpoche. He was recognised as an incarnation of Yolmo Terton Ngakchang Shakya Zangpo, a 15th century Nyingmapa Terton. The monastery follows Jangter tradition of Nyingmapa school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Do-drul Chorten - built by the Venerable Trullshi Rimpoche, head of the Nyingma order of Tibeten Buddhism, in 1945. Inside the stupa, there are complete mandala set of Dorjee phurba (Vajra Kilaya), a set of Kang Gyur relic (Holy Book), complete 'Zung' (mantras) and other religious objects. Around the Chorten, there are 108 Mani Lhakor (Prayer Wheels).

Namgyal Institute of Tibetology - the most prestigious research institute of its kind in the world, NIT is a treasure of vast collection of rare Lepcha, Tibetan and Sanskrit manuscripts, statues and rare Thankas (colourful tapestries used in Buddhist liturgy). Apart from an attractive museum, it has over 200 Buddhist icons and other prized objects of art.

Orchid House - the paradise made of orchids is located just below NIT and boasts a population of 250 exotic species of orchids.

Hur Huray Dara the Nam Nang view point - provides a panoramic view of the lush forests and the vibrant green valley.

Tsuklakhang (Palace Monastery) - located inside the palace of the Chogyals, the former rulers of Sikkim, it is the most accessible monastery within the city. Built in typical Sikkimese style, there are interesting murals and images of Buddhist pantheon.

White Memorial Hall - a typical British structure constructed in 1932 in memory of Claude White.

Flower Show Hall - a popular permanent exhibition of Sikkims diverse flowering fauna, located near the White Hall.

Rumtek Monastery - the seat of the Karma Kagyu lineage or the "Black Hat" order of the Tibetan Buddhists and one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites of Sikkim. Overnight at Gangtok.


After breakfast, check out and drive to NJP / Bagdogra for return journey, and cherish your Sikkim Gangtok Tour forever.

NatureWings Partners Hotels

4 Star / Super Luxury Category :

Gangtok - Lindsay Cheu Den, Tashiling Resort & Spa, Summit Norling Resirt & Spa, Royal Orchid & Spa

3 Star Hotels :

Gangtok - Lindsay Himalayan Heights, Hotel Golden Syar Continental, Dewachen Retreat

2 Star Deluxe Category :

Gangtok - Retreat Hotel & Spa, Hotel Sushanta Awaas, Hotel Sernya, Central Hill Resort

Sikkim Gangtok Package Tour

Sikkim Gangtok Package Inclusions

→   Accommodation in listed Hotels

→   Breakfast and Dinner

→   Transfers and all sightseeing in an exclusive Private vehicle

→   Parking, Toll Tax, Permits

→   Geust Service Support deuring trip from Bhutan & India office 24/7

Sikkim Gangtok Package Exclusions

Sikkim Gangtok Tour Exclusions

→   Any item which is not mentioned in the Inclusion section

→   Lunch or any other meal

→   All Mesuems /monuments and others entry Fee

→   Parking, Toll Tax, Permits

→   Laundry, Tips, phone call or any such personal expense


Q. What is the best time to book Sikkim Gangtok Package Tour?

The best time to explore Gangtok and Sikkim is between the months of May and September as the temperature is moderate during this time. It's advisable to book the Sikkim Gangtok Package well in advance to avail the best possible deals and peak season surcharges.

Q. How many days are best for Sikkim Gangtok Tour?

If you are planning a usual visit to North Sikkim, without a separate trek, a period of 7-8 days is sufficient to visit the different areas of North Sikkim like lachen, lachung, gurudongmar lake, yumthang valley, zero point, katao valley etc.

Q. Can travelers enjoy snow in North Sikkim during Puja Holidays Tour?

The chances of snow in North Sikkim during the month of October or Puja Holidays is quite less, since October is considered to be the post-monsoon season. However, tourists can visit Zero point and Gurudongmar as these places might remain snow covered during October.

Q. What are the best ways to reach North Sikkim, Lachen, Lachung from Gangtok?

The best option to reach North Sikkim i.e. Lachen and Lachung from Gangtok is to hire a local cab, based on your preference and convenience. Usually, there are several Sikkim Gangtok Package Tour that you can book from NatureWings – the Sikkim Tour expert. These include visit to Lachen, Lachung and en route sightseeing options, along with meals, vehicle and accommodation.

Q. Do travelers need permit for Tsomgo Lake Tour?

Yes, tourists need permit to visit Tsomgo lake, which is popularly known as Changu lake. This permit is issued by the respective police check post for Indian tourists. The same is also issued by the Sikkim Tourism and Civil Aviation Department for foreign tourists.

Q. Can we visit Nathula Pass every day?

The permit for Nathula Pass is issued to only Indian tourists and they are allowed to visit this place only 4 days a week – Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. MOnday and Tuesday is closed for tourist in Nathula Pass. So if you are planning for a Nathula Pass Tour, plan accordingly and get your all documents ready.

Q. What are the procedures to get permit for Nathula Pass?

For regular tourists, it's advisable to get the permit for Nathula pass through a Registered Tour Operator of Sikkim like NatureWings. The tourists are needed to fill up an application form given by the agency, and pay the required charges. Usually, anything between Rs. 150-200 is charged for the form, and additional Rs. 20 is charged by the permit issuing authority.

Q. Which part of Sikkim is best for family holidays?

Some of the best places that you can include in your Sikkim Package Tour Itinerary is Gangtok, Silk Route, Pelling, Lachen, Thangu Valley, Kala Patthar, Chopta Valley, Gurugongmar Lake, Lachung, Yumthang Valley, Zero Point, Katao Valley, Yuksom, Ravangla, Namchi, Borong, Kaluk, Rinchenpong etc.

Q. When can I enjoy snowfall in Sikkim Tour?

Winter mainly end of December to end of February is time to enjoy with snow in Sikkim. Places like Changu Lake, Nathula Pass, Lachen, Lachung, Gurudongmar Lake, Yumthang Valley, and Zero Point can be enjoyed with plenty of snow fall. Here one point to be noted, due to high altitude weather can change any time and roads may be blocked. So keeping this in mind you should travel there though Indian Army Jawans are deployed there in large number and helps to rescue guests if any adverse situation arrives.

Q. How can I get to Zero Point from Gangtok?

Zero Point is in the extreme north of Sikkim and cannot be travelled in a day. First from Gangtok you have to reach Lachung. The distance is almost 110km and can takes up to 5 hrs depending upon road and weather condition. Next day from Lachung you will visit Zero Point which is approx 50km journey one way. It can take almost 2 to 3 hrs. Zero point is near Indo-China border and beyond that car cannot travel.

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Sikkim Darjeeling Tour From Facebook

Shraddha Tulsankar Shilbad


Mumbai, Maharashtra

We availed services from NatureWings for our Sikkim Darjeeling Tour last month December 12, 2019. We had a great time and our itinerary was smoothly and efficiently managed without any hiccups. Special mention for Indrajit and Arpan who catered to our grievances immediately. The hotels were good and booked in some of the top localities across Sikkim and Darjeeling with good accessibility and all the transport facilities and vehicles were excellent. We would specially like to mention our driver in Darjeeling Mr. Pritam for his outstanding service and punctuality. Overall we found the package to be a little expensive since we had to pay separately for Nathula and zero point (total of Rs 6500 for both since it was subject to availability of vehicle permit) and an additional Rs 1200 for a halt at Buddha Park in Ravangla. I would like to give a minor suggestion to the team to include major tourist points that fall on the way for eg. in our case Chardham at Namchi and Buddha Park at Ravangla fell on our way to Pelling from Gangtok.

Sikkim Tour From Facebook

Nag Ashar



We went to Sikkim December 12, 2019 and had a great time. Naturewings made our trip smooth and beautiful.

Pelling Tour by NatureWings From Facebook

S. Rajib


Mumbai, Maharastra

We had a wonderful trip in the chilling weather of Gangtok and with a touch of Pelling & Ravangla. We had a family trip from Mumbai and It was well organized trip. All the hotel rooms were booked in advance and well maintained with good staff and good amenities. Mr Soumalya provided great support in guiding us as we were travelling with kids and senior citizens. We enjoyed too much there, all thanks to Naturewings

Sikkim Tour From Facebook

Jayati Kumar



Sikkim is very beautiful, and you people make it more worthy a place to visit. I will strongly recommend "Naturewings" for this trip, Thank you so much again Mr.Arpan and Mr. Sandip Raha to make our sikkim tour memorable and a hassle free trip with all arrangements done for us. Everything managed properly and on systematic way which included all arrangements like hotel, car bookings, permits right from when we reached bagdogra airport. So if anyone looking for a hassle free trip, please contact Naturewings for that.

Sikkim Tour with Gangtok, Pelling, Ravangla and Kaluk From Google

Sourav S.



We got a very good experience during our Sikkim Tour with Gangtok, Pelling, Ravangla and Kaluk. We are totally satisfied with Naturewings and team. Their dedication, hospitality, punctuality are very much appreciable. The vacation in the land of mystique and beauty was totally worthy and all thanks to Naturewings. It was such a delightful experience with them and I will surely recommend my friends.

Sikkim Tour From Facebook




It has been a week we are back from a beautiful trip to the untouched paradise Sikkim, and we are very thankful to Mr. Soumalya for organising a wonderful trip for us. He was really prompt in answering all my queries right from the day and managed everything very smoothly even in the peak season and for me it was a gem of a lifetime trip. We shall definitely look forward to visit other destinations with them only again in future.

Gangtok Pelling Ravangla Package Tour From Facebook




I booked Gangtok and Pelling Ravangla Package Tour with NatureWings Holidays Pvt Ltd. I think we need to go with tour planners is due to the permits, vehicle permits can be done smoothely. Arranging all these will be hectic, and our decision was perfect. The hotel they provided was decent with good food and amenities. The driver was very friendly and really helpful all throughout with skilled driving experience. The trip was beautiful and comfortable. We're very thankful to Mr. Arpan for arranging such a wonderful trip. I would make another trip to Sikkim for sure and with Naturewings only.

Sikkim Tour From Facebook

Shweta Ghadigaonkar


Mumbai, Maharashtra

Brilliant tour operators. We visited Sikkim through them. Was recommended to me by my friend. The entire tour was very well arranged. Accommodation was provided in Superb 3 Star and 3 Star plus beautifully located Hotels. Good vehicles like Xylo , Bolero and Innova provided for sightseeing. All the entry passes and permits required for Nathula pass in Gangtok and Gurudongmar lake in Lachen were booked prior and arranged by them in advance. Beautifully managed iteirnary. The experience with Nature Wings was quite amazing and satisfying. I would definitely like to recommend Nature Wings to my other fellow travellers.

Darjeeling Sikkim Tour From Facebook

Sudhir Patil


Vidya Mandir

We visited to Darjeeling and Sikkim with family by naturewing Kolkata. Thanks to Mr. Akash & Indrajit for providing great service and coordination to succeed our trip. The hotels and food quality is very good specially in white YAK hotel Darjeeling. I recommend naturewing tourist thoes who plan there trips to north East.

Pelling Darjeeling Tour From Facebook

Aakash Rathore



Had a wonderful tour of Gangtok, Pelling and Darjelling. NatureWings staff were very helpful and cooperative. I would like to thank Mr Indrajit Kar, especially for his help throughout our tour.

Sikkim Trip From Facebook

Jigna Furia



"While searching online about my Sikkim Trip in first week of November 2018, I found site of Nature Wings ,went through read reviews and called Mr Saiket Dey .His no.was on site.I From Mumbai, and Totally new person and first time interaction with the company and Mr Saiket from Calcutta,was my concern at first ,but to my experience and expectations all was excellent and good ,also Mr Saiket assured me for Jain food and I was provided with same at each and every hotel .I recommend and assure this from my experience as Hotel's was also too good and Driver's were good in case of being guide to us .Thanks Nature Wings and Mr Saiket Dey for my wonderful Trip."

Silk Route Tour‎ From Facebook

Sudipta Bhattacharya



"We had excellent Sikkim Trip (Silk Route and North Sikkim) organized by NatureWings during 14-24 October 2018. We had very good hotels/home stays, good vehicles and friendly driver. All the staff were very courteous, friendly and helpful.
A special thank to Shri Saikat Dey of Nature Wings, who regularly contacted with us during the journey and helped us in all situations.
We would strongly recommend Nature Wings to all."

Sikkim, Ravangla, Borong Tour‎ From Facebook

Malay Das



"We three families had a trip to South Sikkim (Rabong) and West Sikkim (Kaluk) in 3rd week of October,2018 arranged by Naturewings. It was a wonderful tour. The hotels we stayed were fabulous and truly beyond our expectation. The car they provided was good and the driver was experience and polite. The Naturewings team was always in touch with us.It is really good experience. I had also same experience with Naturewings during our previous Silk Route tour.Highly recommended."

Sikkim Package Tour From Facebook

N V Upendra Babu



"We have recently traveled to Sikkim via Majestic Sikkim Package offered by NatureWings. First thing, NatureWings is not like other business oriented tour operator. They have capacity to understand what you are looking for & make best out of it. They have lot to offer while planning your trip and more than that, They will share their quality time with u to make sure you get everything you need, like finding hotel in Gangtok/Darjeeling and inform you on what placers you can visit while you are going out for sight seeing. They have arranged transport for specifically for our Family. The driver was not just guy with you but he actually becomes one of your buddies and join with you.
Saikat Dey from Nature Wings is constantly in touch with our right from start of our trip until the end and ensured that we received best out of this trip. He used to follow up daily during our trip to ensure the services we received were up to the mark.
I give Saikat Dey and Nature wings 5/5 for the amazing service they offered and will be looking forward for one more amazing trip."

Kaluk, Uttarey, Borong, Ravangla, Namchi Tour From Facebook

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"We have just completed our West Sikkim Trip with NatureWings today. Enroute we have visited Kaluk, Uttarey, Borong, Ravangla, Namchi etc. All the places are full of scenic beauty. Our trip with Naturewings is simply wonderful. They will always give you the best accomodation and transport with reasonable package cost. The Ghonday Resort at Kaluk is one of the best resort I have ever visited. The cars were also comfortable and having expert drivers. Thanks to Naturewings for arranging so much memorable vacation for me and my family. Looking forward to travel with Naturewings soon. Special thanks to Arpita Madam for a great coordination."

Sikkim Tour From Facebook

Koushik Dutta



"We just returned from the west Sikkim Tour, packaged and arranged by 'Naturewings' route Gangtok - Kaluk - Pelling - Ravangla. Can't wait to share few things here…the driver we got, was an experienced young locale chap, who knows the hills very well. He shared his little tips as a guide beyond just driving. Quality of the hotels were very high class. We got warm and comfortable rooms, along with the hot and fresh foods. Their hospitality touched our mind. The package was beyond our expectations within this price range. Overall, it was a life time experience for me and my family. We will look forward for more tours from 'NatureWings' in the future, for sure."

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