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Our Bhutan Manager Ms. Sabitra Basnet welcomes eminent guests from India, Ms. Virendra Mehta & his family, Ms. Kinnari Parekh & her family at Paro Airport

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Dr. Amarpal Toshniwal, Mr. J P Bhattacharya, Mr. Prakash Chheda & Nandu Bhai enjoying Bhutan Tour from Mumbai

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Q. Where is Bhutan?

Located in the eastern Himalayas between China and India, Bhutan is a small, landlocked country. As per landscape, Sub-alpine woods and the snow-capped Himalayas are found in the north, while subtropical plains and woodlands are found in the south. Bhutan is principally a Buddhist country, and it is recognized as the last stronghold of Mahayana Buddhism.

Q. Do I need a travel agent or tour operator to book my Bhutan Package?

Yes, according to Bhutanese government regulation, you must book your Bhutan Tour through a legitimate Bhutanese tour operator.

Q. Why do you need a tour guide in Bhutan?

The roads of Bhutan are very challenging to drive without a proper guide as the GPS here is hardly used. Without a tour guide, it would be difficult to understand the customs, cultures, and overall symbolism of the temple. As many activities require special authorization, such as accessing monasteries, temples, etc., you would lose out on some truly unique experiences if you didn't have a guide. As a result, the Bhutanese government has declared that using a guide is absolutely necessary while visiting the country.

Q. Which is the National Dress of Bhutan?

The traditional clothing of the Bhutanese people is called Gho and Kira. These dresses are an integral part of their culture and Government employees are required to wear the dresses by law. Bhutanese men's traditional attire is referred to as Gho. It is a knee-length garment secured at the waist with the Kera, a fabric belt. The Kira is the national dress for women in Bhutan. It is an ankle-length dress consisting of a rectangular piece of woven fabric bound at the waist with a long belt. The Kira is usually worn with a Wonju (long-sleeved blouse) inside and a short jacket or Toego outside.

Q. Which is the best time to travel Bhutan?

According to NatureWings Holidays, September to November is the best time to travel Bhutan. During September to November temperatures are very soothing and favorable, it's neither hot nor cold. So day long travelling, sightseeing tours, hiking are very relaxing and enjoyable. If you want to enjoy Bhutan Tour with its most pleasant weather condition, travel between September to November.

On the other hand, summer in Bhutan is very pleasant other that plains of Himalayan foothill. Due to high altitude, mostly 2000 m+ altitude, Bhutan is very pleasant in April to June also. So when it is scorching heat in Indian subcontinent during summer, you definitely can choose a Bhutan Package Tour to Chill.

Q. How much would be the Bhutan Tour Package Cost from India?

The perfect answer is - "It Depends". Booking a Bhutan tour package before Covid-19 Pandemic was very pocket friendly. It was around 25K to 30K at that time for 5N 6D tour. After two and half years lock down phase Bhutan opened its door for tourism on 23rd Sep 2022 with new tourism policy. As per new Tourism Policy of Bhutan 2022, all regional tourist must pay SDF (Sustainable Development Fee) Rs.1200/Person/night excluding package price (Flight, Hotels, Meals, Guides, Transportation & Monument fees). This has hiked the Bhutan Tour Package Cost. More over all important monuments entry fees also has been increased. Air fare to travel Bhutan also has increased. So if any guest opting for 7N/8D (FIFO - Paro to Paro) Fly-In-Fly-Out package, it may cost approx 58K/Person for 2 pax and 47K/Person for 4 pax and 42K/Person for 6 pax travelling together.

However, if you book your Bhutan Package Tour from Bangalore with NatureWings, you might get a chance to enjoy some discounts over your Customized Bhutan Tour Package Booking.

Q. What is the currency of Bhutan?

The currency of the Kingdom of Bhutan The ngultrum. It can be denoted as 'Silver' for ngul and 'Coin' for trum. It is almost equivalent to Indian Rupee. 1 INR to BTN = 0.9977 (Convert Rupees to Bhutan Ngultrum).

Q. Is it safe to visit Bhutan as solo woman traveler??

Yes, Bhutan is one of the safest countries in Asia. The crime rate here is almost negligible. If any women travelling Bhutan as solo, it is good to book all hotels in advance. A tour guide is a must to travel Bhutan, so she needs a tour guide to accompany her wherever she will be travelling. NatureWings is one of the best Bhutan Tour Operator and provide the best tour guide.

Q. I have heard smoking is illegal in Bhutan? Is it? What is the option to enjoy smoking in Bhutan?

Bhutan is 100% smocking free country. Smoking tobacco is strictly banned in Bhutan. You cannot smoke publicly in Bhutan.
But, if you can't help without smocking, there is a provision for tourists. Any tourist can enter Bhutan with maximum 200 no's of sticks, for that the carrier need to pay 100% tax on actual value. In some luxury hotels, there are smoking rooms where you can enjoy your cigar.

Q. Which is the national food of Bhutan?

Ema Datshi ('ema means chilli peppers' / 'datshi means cheese') is the national dish of Bhutan. This dish is very easy-to-make. In every Bhutanese dish, Chillies and Cheese is common and widely used. During any Bhutan Tour trying Ema Datshi is a must.

Q. Can I enjoy the Bhutanese Cultural Dance Show in my Hotel Lobby?

Yes, it is possible to organize Bhutanese Cultural Dance show in your Hotel itself. If you are on Bhutan Group Tour, then generally Hotels allow to organize the Dance Show in their Conference hall. Please get in touch with NatureWings Tour Coordinator well in advance to organize the same.

Q. Is it safe to drink tap water in Bhutan?

When you are on Bhutan Tour Package from USA, it is advised to drink packaged mineral water to avoide any water borne diseases and infection.