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Do pictures of Gangtok, Pelling, Nathu La Pass, Baba Mandir, and Rumtek Monastery pop up in front of your eyes when you think of Sikkim? It is very likely to happen since these are the most popular spots in the state. But if you think this is the limit to explore the state, you are terribly wrong. Sikkim is a land blessed by Mother Nature and there is simply no end to explore it. on the distant tops and laps of the green mountains stand innumerable beautiful villages and hamlets that showcase the scenic beauty of Nature in a completely different way. Uttarey is one such place. If you are tired of your daily routines and planning to break free with a trip to Sikkim, ignore the popular names and make Uttarey your destination. You will get back with your soul and eyes enriched with blessings of Nature. Uttarey is a very small village in the serene western part of Sikkim which could be reached from Pelling, Dentum, and Geyzing. At a height of over 6,600 feet, Uttarey appears like a piece of painting on a paper, such as the scenic beauty of the place and its surroundings. Your journey towards Uttarey would start from Singshore Bridge, the second highest hanging gorge bridge in Asia. As your car starts climbing the steep slopes you will start discovering an unseen form of Sikkim. Since Uttarey is still grossly unexplored, the place is very serene and is perfect for someone who wants to stay away from every sign of urban life. Uttarey offers a breathtaking view of Mt Kanchenjunga, the Singalila Range, and the Dentum Peak as well as the valleys full of pines at their feet, which appear like green carpets with wrinkles. Uttarey is a perfect place for exploring the Nature on feet. You can go out for a stroll through the grassy trails over the slopes to reach villages of the locales or get out of your hotel for a short trip to Kagju Gumpha or Monastery, which is highly regarded as a place of worship by the local people. Set at a quite place surrounded by dense forests, the Gumpha offers an amazing atmosphere where peace and tranquility are perfectly blended. If you have an interest in arts then ancient paintings on the walls of Kagju Monastery would surely catch your eyeballs. Your eyes will also get excited with the stunning view of the Dentum Peak from the monastery premises. Sights of Mainbus Waterfall and Chewyabhang Pass would also be great treats for your eyes. The Chewyabhang Pass, which is just 10 kilometers from Uttarey is the entrance to Nepal. Another exciting spot within the vicinity of Uttarey is the Maneybong Kagyuk Monastery. The monastery was rebuilt in 1982 at a spot where ancient ruins were seen. There is a strong belief among local people that under the ruins lie hidden treasures and scriptures. You also walk a few steps more to reach the Gombadara Pokhri.

Hotels & Resorts in Pelling

Sl.No. Hotel Name Tariff From Approx Road
1. Nagbeli Resort 700.00 2700.00
2. GreenValley Resort 1000.00 1500.00

Around Uttarey

Simphok Singalila Khola: Simphok Singalila Khola is a beautiful white river and a bamboo cane bridge connecting its two banks is an absolutely romantic spot in Uttarey.

Thatney KholaTrout Hatching Centre: Located at a walking distance of half an hour ThatneyKhola is another exciting spot since it is a trout rearing center.

Lamaney Pokhri: A spot that will mesmerize you with an indescribable sunrise moment, the snowy peaks of Singalila Range and various species of Himalayan birds.

Distances: Siliguri to Uttarey: 157 kilometers
Pelling to Uttarey: 35 kilometers