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During your Bhutan Tour Packages from India, as the plane approaches towards its landing zone at Paro, a unique piece of land surrounded by a wall of high mountains starts revealing itself. As the airport gets closer you see toy-like small homes, ribbon-like streets and rivers on blocks of green with shadows of floating clouds making dark spots at places. It's a flight of fantasy which ends at Paro Airport, the solo international gateway to Bhutan. Bhutan is a picturesque mountainous country, locked by mountains on all sides. Situated fairly close to the border of West Bengal, Bhutan is the shortest distant foreign land that you can visit if you book a Bhutan Family Tour Packages. If a foreign trip is on your wish list for long, Bhutan can well fulfill your wish. Even if you are not from Bengal, reaching Bhutan is easy, thanks to the a good number of flight connectivity from most major Indian Cities like - Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Guwahati.

Located in the eastern end of the mighty Himalayas, Bhutan is the last existing Buddhist kingdom in the world, overlooked by neighbors like India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh and India's North-Eastern state of Sikkim. Being surrounded by mountains full of lush greeneries, Bhutan is fabulously rich, in terms of scenic beauty, which makes it an alluring tourist destination. The country appears like the bottom end of a bowl with walls made of mountains. The Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan is also known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon since it often experiences the tremendous storm from the Himalayas. Apart from mountains with altitude ranging up to 23,000 feet, landscapes of Bhutan also consist of sub-tropical plains. The subalpine Himalayan heights dominate the Northern part of the country while the Southern part is comparatively plain. Bhutan is also blessed by Mother Nature in the form of rivers which have flown through different parts of the country and have passed by all the major cities adding to their breathtaking scenic beauty. However, scenic surroundings and peaceful atmosphere are not the only factors that have encouraged Bhutan tourism. The unique culture of the country which is still dominated by age-old traditions, its rich heritage and art and craft of local people and their lifestyles together make Bhutan a charming place. Another unique feature of this Buddhist land is the GNH - Gross National Happiness. Bhutan is a land where people's quality of life and their social progress are measured by Gross National Happiness Index. Policy decisions and allocation of resources are reviewed according to this national happiness index.

During your Bhutan Package Tour from India, you will find that Bhutan is one of best place for honeymoon too. Green landscapes at the horizon and sound of water flowing on the rivers throughout the day and night add to the charm that travelers look for in their romantic trips. Especially for honeymoon couples, Bhutan is enthralling. A gentle stroll through streets of the towns, cities and the wilderness areas on a moonlit evening or night could be an unforgettable experience for you. Though scenic beauty certainly tops the list of features that Bhutan possesses, rich history of the ancient Buddhist kingdom, which are written on the walls and pillars of the monasteries and stupas and hidden in chambers inside temples and in the dark corners of the fortresses or Dzongs attract many visitors who are curious about the past of kingdoms and civilization. The forests of Bhutan are also equally enthralling since they are home to diverse species of wild animals. Bhutan is a land that you can explore in your own way. You can opt for exploring the scenic Nature of Bhutan or stay at the big cities where streets, lanes, buildings, and restaurant stands as great examples of cleanliness and hygiene. At Bhutan, you need not follow any travel guide but yet you must ensure visits to some of the top sites in the country.

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Standing on the bank of a river, Paro is a small town under a district of the same name. the unique location of Paro makes it a scenic place but is famous for two awareness places-Ta Dzong and Paro Dzong. The six-storied Ta Dzong is a watchtower that dates back to 1651. Apart from a stunning bird's eye view of the scenic surroundings, the watchtower will also excite you with numerous religious and cultural objects as well as its large collection of thanks. However, the beauty of Paro is at its best when the plane starts getting closer to the Paro Airport which looks like a piece of flat land completely guarded by walls of mountains.



A beautiful valley with a small town surrounded by mountains, Thimphu is one of the prime attractions of Bhutan. River Thimphu Chu has flown through its eastern part. The river flowing by the town with mountains at the backdrop makes Thimphu a great subject of photography. Thimphu is well connected with another major tourist attraction in Bhutan-Phuentsholing.



Bumthang is one of the 20 districts (dzongkhang in Bhutanese) districts of the country and is certainly most historic, as far as ancient religious sites are concerned. Spread over a vast area, comprising four picturesque valleys-Ura, Chumey, Choekhor and Tang, the district of Bumthang is termed as the valley of beautiful girls by the local people. Bumthang or the Jakar Valley is situated at an altitude of around 14,800 feet and is recognized as the biggest spiritual region of the country.



Being land in the care of high mountains, Bhutan is dominated by winter but Punakha is a place that provides some respite from the cold since it is situated at an altitude of 4430 feet, which is a comparatively low height. The geographical location of Punakha makes it a moderate climatic zone and that's why it had been the winter capital of Bhutan in the past. Even today, Thimphu serves as the winter home to the monks of Paro and Thimphu and famous spiritual leaders of Bhutan. Blessed by Mother Nature in the form of two rivers-Pho Chu and Mochu, Thimphu is a valley of fertile land and the biggest producer of red rice in the country.

Bhutan can be reached by three ways - Either Direct Flight or via Bagdogra Flight or by Train/Road

Direct Flight Options - Only Druk Airways and Bhutan Tashi Airways fly to Paro. No Indian carrier flies to Bhutan. These airline tickets are not available on the Internet for Online Booking for Indian Nationals. The only couple of authorized booking agents in India does the booking. NatureWings helps the tourists to book the ticket.

  • Kolkata - Paro - Kolkata
  • Druk Airways - 6 Days/ Week
  • Bhutan Airlines - 7 Days / Week
  • New Delhi - Paro - New Delhi
  • Druk Airways - 5 Days/Week
  • Bhutan Airlines - 4 Days/Week
  • Guwahati - Paro - Guwahati
  • Druk Airways - 2 Days/ Week
  • Bagdogra- Paro - Bagdogra
  • Druk Airways - 2 Days/ Week

By Bagdogra flight - Bagdogra Airport: is located in about 16 km (9.9 mi) west of the city of Siliguri in the Darjeeling district in northern West Bengal. Bagdogra Airport is connected with all the city of India. You can enter the last Buddhist kingdom foothill Phuentsholing town which is 170 KM(4 hrs approx) only from Bagdogra Airport

By Train / Road through Phuntsholing - Phuntsholing is the border city of Bhutan sharing a border with West Bengal Town, Phuntsholing can be reached by road or by train from West Bengal and other parts of India. The Nearest railway station of Phuntsholing is Hasimara ( Stn Code HSA) and the other three other nearby stations are Alipur Duar JN ( APDJ), New Cooch Bihar ( NCB), New Jalpaiguri (NJP).

Please find the mentioned below tables:

Hasimara (HSA) Phuntsholing 18
Alipurduar JN (APDJ) Phuntsholing 60
New Cooch Bihar (NCB) Phuntsholing 80
New Jalpaiguri (NJP) Phuntsholing 178

These Stations are well connected with Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Guwahati and other parts of India. Phuntsholing is around 175 Km from Bhutan Capital City, Thimphu.

To enter into Bhutan, No Visa is required for Indian Nationals, only permits are required. To obtain the permit, you require to produce the Passport or Indian Voter ID Card. The permit can be obtained on arrival at Paro Airport, at Phuntsholing check post. Phuentsholing Permit office is closed on Saturdays / Sundays & Bhutan Holidays. So, it is highly advisable to reach Bagdogra from Sunday to Wednesday and not one day before the Bhutan Holiday. Please validate your arrival date with NatureWings Specialists before purchasing the domestic tickets to Bagdogra (IXB). Naturewings provides all sorts of supports to obtain the permit as part of their package.
Bhutan currency is Nu. and it is 1:1 with Indian Rupee, INR. All denominations of Rupees 500 and 2000 not a valid legal tender in Bhutan, However, few merchants are accepting INR 500 and INR 2000 Notes. The ATM facility in Bhutan is very limited and it is recommended to carry cash in Bhutan. Only Visa/Master Debit cards are working in ATM for the purpose of cash Withdrawal. Rupay card is not valid in Bhutan. Please check with your Bank / Card issuing authority about the possible validity of your card in Bhutan The usage of credit cards is also very limited in Bhutan.
Bhutan Indian Mobile Operators provide the Global Roaming Connectivity in Bhutan, However, it is expensive. Please check with your operator about Global Roaming Activation / Incoming and OutGoing Charges. Generally, it is Rs 75/- Per minute for Incoming and Rs 150/- Per Minute for Outgoing call. Tourists can easily get the Bhutan Tourists SIM card ( Tashi Cell and BMobile ) at Rs 200/- with data option at Rs 99/- for 400MB data. NatureWings Operation Team based in Bhutan will help you to get the local SIM card over there.
All Hotels provide the Free Wi-Fi facility at the Hotel Lobby / Restaurant / Reception level. Some of the hotels also provide Free Wi-Fi at the room
It is same as India.