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Zuluk: The village above the clouds in ancient Silk Route

Catching a glimpse of the snow capped mountain ranges or sun rising on the sea from the window of hotel room is something that you might have experienced a lot of times. But have you ever discovered yourself at a place so serene where even the wind is audible? Have you ever stayed a night at a remote village on the lap of a valley guarded by high mountains covered with lush greeneries? If you are trying to visualize it then stop imagining and pack your bags for a trip to Zuluk, a hamlet at an altitude of over 10,000 feet in the Eastern part of Sikkim. Zuluk is a small village with limited number of houses on a valley on the way to the Old Silk Route. Once upon a time Chinese traders used to come to India crossing the border to sell silk products and that?s why the route has been named Silk Route. Though days of silk trading are gone and you can see Army jawans, jeeps and tents here and there on the slopes, the scenic beauty of the hamlet will surely mesmerize you. For its location at a high altitude and extreme climatic conditions, Zuluk has not yet witnessed what you call a crowd. It is still a virgin destination that you can explore on your feet. Though a few hotels have started offering comfortable accommodation, the real charm of Zuluk is home stay, which is being offered by some local villagers. Certainly these traditional village houses lag way behind in competition with hotels, in terms of comfort and convenience; you will get a local feel, which will make your relation with the village even more intimate.


         Zuluk  Highlights :-

  • Location – East Sikkim District , Sikkim , Pin –
  • Zuluk Hotels / Home Stays – Snow Lion Nature Stay ( Deluxe) , Yanchen Nature Stay (Standard)
  • Zuluk Height /Altitude – 9500 ft
  • Distance :  1) NJP to Zuluk  - 151 Km                                                                                                           2) Gangtok to Zuluk – 128 Km
  • Zuluk Sightseeing – Thambi View Point , Lungthung Sunrise point , Zigzag 95 Turns , Bhulbhuliya View Point , Strawberry Lake , Kalapokhri Lake , Kupkup Lake , Lax man Chawk , Gnathang Valley View Point ,Yak Golf Court ,  Water Polo Ground , Tukla Valley , Gnathang Valley ,
  • Zuluk Weather – Summer 10-15 Degree C ,  Winter -5 to 3 Degree
  • Zuluk Special Requirements – Permit Required
  • Mobile Signal – Very Limited
  • Credit Card / Debit Card – Not Accepted 


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