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We, NatureWings team of passionate traveler, believe the beauty of Himalayas is not only just appreciating the mountain peaks or the allied scenic splendor but to explore the mountains actually looking at its expanse and majesty from the closest possible physical nearness to them. NatureWings team will take you some of the virgin, yet beautiful remote places of Darjeeling and Sikkim and will introduce to the real Himalayan beauty on its lap.

Our mission is to introduce the tourists from all over the world to this land of natural beauty, not just from a city with maddening crowd but also from places across the hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim. Let tourists get its full charm to explore the Himalayas from remote villages and help us to build a complete eco tourism circuit in this entire region.

NatureWings Advantages

    Team of Passionate Travelers, will always guide you through first hand experience
    Hand Picked Destinations, personally visited by NatureWings team
    Complete day to day guidance and assistance from NJP to NJP by NatureWings team member
    Always handled by NatureWings Team itself, not handed over to a Sub Agent