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Varsey: Where vibrant Rhododendrons create a riot of colors versay-trek-sikkim

Have you ever dreamt of spending romantic moments with your ‘love’ at a place where fresh blooms symbolize your romance with a riot of colors? If you think such places exist only in dreams and land of fantasy, then you know very little about Sikkim, the ‘beauty queen’ state in North-East India. The Western part of Sikkim has been designed by Mother Nature specially for people who are in search of romance and Varsey is one such place where your dream will come true. No, Varsey is not a world of magic, neither a land of fantasy but a small region, nurtured and ornamented by Mother Nature in the form of a Rhododendron Sanctuary.

The moment you reach the sanctuary, fresh blooms of Rhododendron, which are found in varieties of shapes and shades here, will welcome you to a land of colors. The sanctuary lies on the mountain slope ranging between altitude of 2,000 meters and little more than 4,000 meters. Situated right in between the Kanchenjunga Biosphere Reserve and the Singalila National Park, Varsey offers a stunning view of the picturesque surroundings. The view of the Singalila Range on top and a riot of color in the bottom makes a frame which allures every ‘shutterbug’ to bring out the camera. But instead of paying attention to photography, you must spend some time on the slopes holding the hands of your ‘love’ gently. This is the best gift that you can give to the ‘love’ of your life and the expression of joy and delight will make you happy too. Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary may not be the Valley of Flowers but is certainly the valley of colors. At places you will find fiery red petals and suddenly you will fall in love with sweet pink blooms. You will also see them in varieties of other shades. However, a visual treat for the eyes in the form of color riot is not the sole offering of Varsey for you. Varsey is a versatile valley where you can explore the beauty of Mother Nature in the forests of pine, oak and magnolia and may also zoom in your camera to spot wildlives like Red Panda and Black Bear. If softness of romance is not your cup of tea and excitement is, then Varsey will excite you with the Hilley-Varsey hike. The Hilley-Varsey hike an easy trekking route that you can cover within a couple of hours. While trekking through the path you will find the rhododendrons as well as an indescribable glimpse of Kanchenjunga. To enjoy the color riot of Rhododendron at Varsey, you need to be at the place at the right season. Plan your trip to Varsey within April and May to ensure the visual treat. If a crystal clear view of Kanchenjunga is your wish, then be at Varsey in between October and November. You can hire or reserve a car for Varsey from Siliguri which is 124 kilometers away or may get down at Jorethang in midway and look for a car to Hilley. You may also reach Ribdi by car and start trekking from there to reach Hilley and Varsey. Hilley is just 8 kilometers from Ribdi while Varsey is 12 kilometers away.

Around Varsey dentum

Dentum: Situated close to Pelling, Dentum is a small town standing on a picturesque valley. Small houses on the feet of the hills and step farming on the plain land make Dentum a nice place to spend some time. soreng_700_0


Soreng: Situated close to Daramdin, which is easily reachable from Gangtok and Darjeeling, Soreng is a beautiful town, which is getting increasingly popular as an eco-tourism spot. Popular mainly as a orange producing region, Soreng delights visitors with its scenic beauty, especially the panoramic view of Kanchenjunga and the landscapes lying beneath. You may also opt for river rafting on Teesta at Soreng.


Siliguri to Varsey: 124 kilometers

Pelling to Varsey: 128 kilometers

Gangtok to Varsey: 60 kilometers

Hilley to Varsey: 4 kilometers  

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